I have a story about Pearl Harbor

…“I just got out of the Marines—I’m taking a break before I get married and start college in Mew Mexico. I earned a break.”

How long were you in the Marines, kid?

“Four years, sir. I did four years.”

Kid. [he honestly laughed as he shook his head] Kid, I served all six years of World War II and I wasn’t even 18 and already stationed in Hawaii when they hit the Harbor and I reckon I never came home and took a break.

Go to my truck, grab that other belt—make sure you’ve got a pencil and measuring tape. Bring a hammer, too—you earned a break, huh?

I may never know why I complied—it wasn’t a question or an invitation—he told me to grab a tool belt and I did.…

A wonderful story of two war-damaged souls, one from the Gulf War, one from Pearl Harbor.