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"Veronica has a nice set of sweater puppies in that pic."

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Subjects: cartooning

Adenoids like Data on Star Trek?

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Subjects: cartooning, Star Trek

HBD, Sergio Aragones, one of my main inspirations all my life.

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Subjects: cartooning, Sergio Aragones, Winter
Aw, Nutz! I'm a Toon!
Beware, falling anvils.
Cartoon added on 2013 Jan 30
Subjects: self-awareness, The Art of, cartooning
The Art of

The first month of the new Daily Doodles, 2012 August, paraded dramatically.

Video added on 2013 Jan 24
Subjects: The Art of, cartooning
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Bald Point
A demonstration of cartoon head shapes for a young, budding artist.
Cartoon added on 2012 Aug 16
Subjects: face, humor, cartooning

[Pete posted Pink Elephants on Parade from Dumbo]

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Subjects: cartooning, hallucination, psychedelia

Day late, didn't read all the comments (so if this was said already, enh!), but I gotta say it...

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Subjects: cartooning, clip art

Happy New Year to you, JJ. Thanks for all the great years bringing us our good friends A&J!!

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Subjects: The Art of, cartooning, New Year 2012
The Art of

The series that didn't quite make it.

Cartoon added on 2007 Jun 4
Subjects: creativity, humor, cartooning
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Head Shop #5

Using material too close at hand

Cartoon added on 1997 Aug 11
Subjects: marriage, cartooning, relationships