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Tech Sgt Chen
Radical Incline

In a time of Deep Concern, a hero arrives as plucky comic relief

Illustration, Remix added on 2020 Aug 7
Subjects: Galaxy Quest, parody, masks, contagion, epidemic
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Laurie David's Cervix: The new Trek TV series has a name and a ship: Star Trek: Discovery...

Can anyone watch that and not think of the similar scene from Galaxy Quest?

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Subjects: Galaxy Quest, Star Trek

nerdygirl: Just saw "Galaxy Quest" yesterday. That was good.

That sounds like your first viewing. Was it? Such a great flick on so many levels.

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Subjects: Galaxy Quest

(Skipping comments in order to comment - tradition!)

Howdy, y'all.

Just had to chime in because... Milady & I are paused, about 33 minutes into our umpteenth watching of...

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Subjects: courage, Galaxy Quest

Despite what my hash du jour says,

Never GvEen! Never surrender!

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Subjects: Galaxy Quest, nonsense

ConservativeMonster, lucky you. I found it grew on me with repeated viewings. Guy is me.

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Subjects: Galaxy Quest