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Box of Strange
What's the point?
Cartoon, Photo, Remix added on 2014 Jan 17
Subjects: hands, surrealism

The first rule of the stupid finger tapping secret handshake is that no one talks about etc

Read all… Subjects: added on 2013 Apr 26
Subjects: hands
Grandmother and Granddaughter
Stretching across years.
Illustration added on 2012 Nov 4
Subjects: hands, generations, women
Collage of Hands
Serious Sketches and Portraits
A conflation of manual signals.
Cartoon added on 1997 Dec 12
Subjects: collage, hands
Collage of Hands
A conflation of manual signals.
Photo, Remix added on 1997 Oct 8
Subjects: hands, collage
Reaching for the colander
It's a stretch.
Illustration added on 1997 Feb 25
Subjects: hands, still life, kitchen