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I think I'm passing out. Somebody drive me home.

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Subjects: looks tired
Tuckered Tabby
Yellow on yellow camo.
Photo added on 2014 Jan 5
Subjects: Charlie (cat), looks tired
Seems to be morphing into a planaria?
Cartoon added on 2012 Oct 11
Subjects: insomniac armed quad toddlers, yantra, looks tired
He's had one of those days.
Illustration added on 2012 Sep 20
Subjects: face, man, looks tired

I would think losing Obamagirl would be another significant sign! The thrill is gone, baby.

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Subjects: Election 2012, Barack Obama, Obama Girl, looks tired

63 toby928™ He doesn't look well.

Don't you think he looks tired?

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Subjects: Barack Obama, politics, looks tired