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Reading backwards up the thread I ran across...

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Subjects: Eureka, series

Sherry quotes Will Rogers - hi, did you get hailed on yesterday?

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Subjects: series

A couple of mild, fun SF series, perhaps not 10yo fare, I dunno (my kids are all well past 10yo) but I thought I'd mention these since I thought of them. Quantum Leap.

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Subjects: science fiction, series

Warehouse 13 is a little darker than Eureka, but they are companion series, with crossovers. (I'm a couple seasons behind on both. sadface)

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Subjects: series, television
Just Beyond the End of the Road

End of the Road, postscript

Cartoon added on 1997 Aug 12
Subjects: Suburban (Chevy), The Art of, series, humor
End of the Road

All's well that just ends. Want to do it again?

Cartoon added on 1997 Jul 7
Subjects: road trip, transport, flying car, finale, series