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April Foolishness

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Curmudgeon, Political Clown Parade • Sat 2016 Apr 2, 7:07pm

…A new “send + mic drop” button appeared next to the “send” button in Gmail. …gave users the option to add an animated graphic of a minion dropping a microphone to emails… Google received a number of complaints from people who accidentally pressed the “send + mic drop” on important messages. One user said he lost his job after he sent a “mic drop” in an email to his boss.…

Becky Little • Fri 2016 Apr 1, 9:11pm

The media group says that it will no longer degrade animals by showing photos of them without clothes.…

Topless Native African Women still possible?
Sarah Rumpf, Legal Insurrection • Fri 2016 Apr 1, 5:53pm

The Republican Party of Florida (RPOF)… announced that Clinton had won an Academy Award “for her portrayal of an honest candidate…” claiming that former President Bill Clinton would be endorsing Bernie Sanders instead of his wife “due to Hillary’s lack of transparency with voters” and another purporting to have a video showing Clinton actually “wiping her server clean” by physically wiping her Blackberry with a small cloth. …

ChiCom Flag
Simon Denyer, Wash Post • Fri 2016 Apr 1, 1:57pm

No joke. April Fools' Day has been banned in China.

The ancient tradition of hoaxing and playing practical jokes on the first day of April has fallen victim to China’s crackdown. Like democracy and free speech, it is a Western concept that simply isn’t welcome here.…

Making China the biggest joke of all.
Abby Ohlheiser and Caitlin Dewey, Wash Post • Fri 2016 Apr 1, 1:54pm

…April Fools’ Day, i.e., the worst day of the entire year for anyone trying to cover news on the Internet. This year, as has happened before and will happen again, an overwhelming number of hoaxes, jokes and pranks escape onto the Web, using the cover of the terrible holiday to try to win a little bit of attention for their creators.… TVs still do not come in aerosol cans.…

Stilton Jarlsberg, Hope n' Change • Fri 2016 Apr 1, 1:51pm

…Donald Trump unexpectedly dropped out of the presidential race after an injection of stem cells miraculously cured his Political Tourette's Syndrome.… National Enquirer's admission that their story about wild, unbridled sex with multiple mistresses was actually supposed to be about Tom Cruise, but the names were switched at the last minute to reduce the chances of having the paper's corporate headquarters filled with rattlesnakes by Scientologists.…

Hope n' Change is another site to which I rarely link, but which is consistently worth reading. Recommended.
Jimmy Kimmel Live, YouTube • Fri 2016 Apr 1, 1:48pm

…Donald Trump recently made a bombshell revelation that could make you question everything you know about the state of American politics.…

Video: 1:39
Michelle's Mirror • Fri 2016 Apr 1, 1:27pm

We’ve reached the point in history when April Fools Day is irrelevant. With Facebook, Twitter, and the entire Obama administration we surely don’t need to wait for April First to be made fools of any more.…

I rarely link to Michelle's Mirror, but I read every one that's posted. Recommended!
Josh Weiland Photography, YouTube • Fri 2016 Apr 1, 1:25pm

Aquinas College students play a prank on their hilarious Macroeconomics professor!…

Video: 2:11 - warning: loud at first
Michelle Jesse, • Fri 2016 Apr 1, 1:19pm

Happy to hear @realDonaldTrump accepted my challenge to debate one-on-one:
— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) April 1, 2016

Heard it from a little birdie - tweeting - so it must be true
Dianny, Patriot Retort • Fri 2016 Apr 1, 1:17pm

…Hillary Clinton has decided to suspend her campaign for President of the United States.

We were able to sit down with a top member of the Clinton 2016 Campaign to discuss this explosive news. The staffer agreed to speak only on the condition of anonymity.…

Throws support to Jeb!
Hillary Faced
Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna • Wed 2015 Apr 1, 5:07pm

A copy of the private email server that was operated by Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State has turned up at a thrift shop in New York City. … • Wed 2015 Apr 1, 4:26pm

[I'm only halfway through reading the list, but there's so many great ones, I rush to post this. Here's a great one, considering today's "outrage industry":]

#42: Viewers Take Offense
In early 1960, a TV viewer complained to a network about seeing a black man kiss a white woman on one of their shows. The network, eager not to offend, flew an account executive down to meet with the viewer and explain to him that the actor was actually white, but that the local station had accidentally broadcast the show at a high contrast ratio, making him appear dark-skinned. When Paul Krassner (editor of the satirical underground magazine The Realist) heard about this he was outraged that a TV network would be so afraid of offending a racist. So he designed a prank to serve as payback. He asked his readers to write to the network after the April 1st airing of the celebrity panel show Masquerade Party (a completely unexceptionable show), and to complain that they had been offended by something on it, but not to specify what it was that had offended them. Hundreds of his readers obliged. The result was panic at the network. Reportedly the TV executives watched the tape of the show repeatedly, desperately trying to figure out what could have offended so many people. • Thu 2009 Apr 16, 5:18pm

AN architect has painted his entire house, and everything in it, bright blue.... has outraged locals in the quiet neighbourhood of tree lined Klagenfurt, Austria.... • Thu 2009 Apr 16, 5:16pm

A Norwegian man faces a heavy fine and a driving ban after police caught him having sex with his girlfriend while speeding on the motorway.... "It was veering from one side to the other because the woman was sitting on the man's lap while he was driving and doing the act, shall we say.... He couldn't see much because her back was in the way.... Why they did it on a highway with such a high risk we don't know." • Sat 2009 Apr 11, 7:56pm

Apparently an increasing number of young people enjoy "smoking" crushed Smarties candy. They inhale the candy dust into the mouth and then exhale, producing what looks like thick smoke. (Above is just one of many video demos on YouTube.) Guess what? It's generally a bad idea. • Wed 2009 Apr 1, 10:43pm

After years of hostility, lawsuits, police raids and heated invective between the two groups, the Pirate Bay has today announced they have settled their differences with US media conglomerate Warner Bros. The largest BitTorrent tracker has sold out to Hollywood and the two have agreed a deal. The deal, worth over $13 billion (10 billion euros) • Wed 2009 Apr 1, 10:40pm

pizza chain had prepared an internet coupon promotion which would let you get a free medium pizza if you ordered online and typed in the word "bailout". ... promotion never got the green light ... Then Monday night, someone with a lot of time on his or her hands started typing in all kinds of words into the Domino online ordering site, including "bailout". He/she stumbled upon the test promotion, got the free pizza, then spread the word all over the web via CNET. • Wed 2009 Apr 1, 10:39pm

The Economist Group is delighted to announce the development of a public-entertainment facility that combines the magic of a theme park with the excitement of macroeconomics. [Note date] • Wed 2009 Apr 1, 10:37pm

These images were taken on Sol 1858, just a few days ago (a Sol is a day on Mars, about a half hour longer than an Earth day). Spirit has been tooling around a high plateau called Home Plate, because it's shaped like, well, a home plate in baseball. There's evidence that water flowed in this area a long time ago, and as I looked over the images it was pretty obvious. [Note date] • Wed 2009 Apr 1, 10:37pm

The Economist Group is delighted to announce the development of a public-entertainment facility that combines the magic of a theme park with the excitement of macroeconomics. ... Other real-life tech companies are getting into the April Fools' act as well.... • Wed 2009 Apr 1, 10:37pm

I woke up this morning to find an amazing array of head-scratching technological advancements ... seems a little strange to use facial gestures in the latest version of the Opera browser, and for The Guardian to forgo the printed page for an all-Twitter format. ... • Wed 2009 Apr 1, 10:36pm

Ah, April Fools' Day — you are a cruel lover. Your annual appearance offers us all an opportunity to see how wonderful (or nightmarish) life would be if Warner Bros. and The Pirate Bay actually embraced rather than sued. Or if Google really launched the world's first true AI, and newspapers killed their print versions and converted to Twitter. Or if ex-Soundgarden screamer Chris Cornell made a dance album with pop producer Timbaland and called it Scream. Wait, that wasn't a prank?