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Mark Tapson, Truth Revot • Tue 2015 Dec 29, 8:36pm

…founder of the Brazilian chapter of the international radical feminist group Femen has publicly renounced feminism and apologized for her offensive behavior toward Christians. She has also published a book detailing the abuse she suffered at the hands of fellow feminists, and exposing the hatred underlying radical feminism. … “For the feminist sect women are not the inspiration, they are prime matter in the worst sense of the term. They are convenient objects useful for the purpose of inflaming hatred against the Christian religion, hatred against men, hatred against the beauty of women, hatred against the equilibrium of families. That’s what feminism is, and I can guarantee it is like that because I was on the inside!”…

ThunderB, Ace of Spades • Mon 2015 Dec 28, 1:03pm

The cleric who likely assisted the San Bernardino shooters

-saw rhe husband ar least three times a week for two years yet denied knowing him

-held a huge reception for the shooter to celebrate his wedding and cooked for him, yet denied knowing him

- recieved 38 texts from the shooter during the attack on the
Chattanooga military facility

- posted on his Facebook that the shooters were a flee flag operation by the CIA

- is the brother of the imam who took over after terrorist recruiter superstar Anwar Al Alaki left the US

- belongs to a religious sect of Islam called Tablighi which is infamous for recruiting for Al Qaeda. Tablighi sects were under FBI surveillance until 2012., when Obama ordered it stopped

This should be screamed from every roof top

Reposted in full, with assumed implicit permission
Blazing Cat Fur • Tue 2015 Dec 22, 8:21pm

Following an intensive 18-month governmental study, the United Kingdom issued a startling indictment of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). It described the organization as fiercely anti-democratic, openly supportive of terrorism, dedicated to establishing an Islamist government, and opposed to the rule of law, individual liberty, and equality.…

FirstPost India • Mon 2015 Nov 30, 10:28pm

In a controversial remark, Sunni leader Kanthapuram A P Aboobacker Musliar on Saturday described the concept of gender equality as "un-Islamic" and said that women could never equal men as "they are fit only to deliver children".…

John Nolte, Breitbart • Sun 2015 Nov 22, 9:38pm

Left-wing cable news network CNN has been caught red-handed selectively editing Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s comments about a “Muslim registry,” and doing so in order to make it sound as though he is agreeing to this registry. He is not.…

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit • Sun 2015 Nov 22, 9:35pm

…“I think on the one hand, non-Muslims cannot stereotype. But I also think the Muslim community has to think about how we make sure that children are not being infected with this twisted notion that somehow they can kill innocent people and that is justified…”

C-Span wants to know if Obama admitted he was Muslim. It sure sounds like it.…

I'd note this was immediately remarked upon during the speech by several commenters on Ace of Spades blog.
Common Constitutionalist, Godfather Politics • Sun 2015 Nov 22, 9:31pm

In 2013, Campbell’s Soup Company went Halal with approval from Hamas-linked ISNA.
For those unfamiliar, ISNA, The Islamic Society of North America is one of many American Islamic organizations that front for the Muslim Brotherhood… Speaking only for myself (and my family) – being aware of how Campbell’s has chosen to conduct business by inadvertently (I hope) sponsoring terror and the demise of traditional American values, I have for some time avoided purchasing Campbell’s products.…

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit • Sat 2015 Nov 21, 11:57am

Nov 18 - Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky from Illinois told SiriuxXM radio that the Paris terrorist attacks last week were a “chilling reminder” that the U.S. needs more restrictive gun laws.…

Christopher C. Hull, Breitbart • Fri 2015 Nov 20, 1:12pm

…A group masquerading as conservative but backed by left-wing foundations including billionaire George Soros's Foundation to Promote Open Society (FPOS) has launched an online advertising campaign in defense of bringing Syrian refugees to the United States.

The banner ads bear tag lines like, "Support freedom, not fear," and, "America is better when we welcome refugees." They lead to a microsite located at with Old Glory-clothed, American flag-waving young people, with a light-skinned blonde leading the way for others who appear to be ethnic minorities partially or fully obscured behind her.…

The Elephant's Child, American Elephant • Wed 2015 Nov 18, 11:48am

…The “refugees, migrants, immigrants” usually described as “the Syrian refugees”are not all from Syria. Some intelligence sources say that 4 out of 5 refugees are not from Syria. They have apparently been told that they are welcome in Europe and will receive welfare and schooling and all sorts of benefits they can’t obtain at home. And once there, they are demanding, and particular, and ungrateful.…

Headline c/o some commenter on Ace of Spades. Sorry, don't know who.
Liam Deacon, Breitbart • Wed 2015 Nov 18, 11:44am

…Turkish football fans booed and shouted “Allahu Akbar” during a minute’s silence for the victims of the Paris terror attacks, during which 132 people died at the hands of Islamist Jihadists.

The silence was held before a friendly game between the Turkish national team and Greece on Tuesday night in Istanbul.…

As well as “Allahu Akbar” — Arabic for “god is great” — spectators also chanted, “the martyrs are immortal, the fatherland indivisible”, a popular slogan used by nationalists against the Kurdish, but also one which appears to imply sympathy for the dead ISIS terrorists and suicide bombers.…

A "friendly" match? What would "unfriendly" look like?
Tiffany Gabbay, Truth Revolt • Wed 2015 Nov 18, 11:38am

…Imam Yassin el Forkani a youth cleric practicing in Amsterdam, has come out to warn the "thou shalt not blame Islam crowd" saying, "we cannot continue saying that this [terrorism] has nothing to do with Islam."

"The harsh reality is that the attackers theologically legitimize their actions. We can not avoid it. We can not continue saying that this has nothing to do with Islam," El Forkani told the Volkskrant on Saturday.…

Still a Muslim, though…
MC, Gates of Vienna • Tue 2015 Sep 29, 3:33pm

In his latest essay, our Israeli correspondent MC discusses the Judeo-Christian concept of Truth, comparing and contrasting it with the Lie promulgated by Islam and Marxism. …

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit • Thu 2015 Sep 24, 5:41pm

"Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran is the highest authority in America, and Islam is the only accepted religion on earth." —Omar Ahmed, the founder of the Council of American Islamic Relations

In case there was any question.
Jay Currie • Wed 2015 Sep 16, 9:41pm

…In the end we either learn the hard lesson of 9/11 – that Islam is antithetical to Western liberal democracy and the values it requires – or we don’t. So far we haven’t. So far we have pretended that radical political Islam is somehow an aberrant offshoot of a housebroken, enlightened Islam. We have ignored the fact that there is no moderate Islam. We ignore men like Turkey’s Erdogan who said,

"The term 'moderate Islam' is ugly and offensive — Islam is Islam." …

Hannah Roberts, Daily Mail • Sun 2015 Sep 13, 6:32pm

ISIS threatens to send 500,000 migrants to Europe as a 'psychological weapon' in chilling echo of Gaddafi's prophecy that the Mediterranean 'will become a sea of chaos' …

John Kerry Salutes
Nickarama, Weasel Zippers • Sat 2015 Aug 15, 10:31am

John Kerry In Cuba: “I Feel Very Much At Home Here”

Good. Stay there. You're fired, you Communist traitor. Via Breitbart. Video.
Jim Blockey, The Black Sphere • Thu 2015 Aug 6, 8:04pm

…“The number of Muslims is expect to increase by 73% from 2010 to 2050.” That is from 1.6 billion to 2.8 billion. “Muslims will grow more than twice as fast as the entire world population” between those periods and “will likely surpass Christians as the world’s largest group.”… This is not genuinely a peaceful religion and their goal is undoubtedly to eventually give us all a choice; be Muslim or be dead. Hey, I guess it is a choice. …

John Kerry Salutes
Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic • Wed 2015 Aug 5, 8:15am

"The ayatollah constantly believed that we are untrustworthy, that you can't negotiate with us, that we will screw them," Kerry said. "This" — a congressional rejection — "will be the ultimate screwing."

Doesn't it just make your heart break that we didn't elect this patriot and master negotiator as President when we had the chance? Maybe he'll still jump into the 2016 race!
Robert W. McDowell, Jr., Oklahoma Constitution • Fri 2015 Jul 31, 5:49pm

…It appears to me that the “scientists” listened to by the writer are oriented to those who oppose the production of oil and gas and the frac treatments used to enhance the productivity of the wells. The existence of a worldwide movement having such opposition to such production with the goal of depopulation of the world by any means was brought to my attention when my now 52 year old youngest was a Weebalos Cub Scout.
It had been the practice of the Pack, 237, Lakewood, Colorado, to take that den on a camp out in the mountains before they turned 12 and went into a Scout Troop. It was required that each cub have a dad responsible for him present. After getting them bedded down for the night the dads were sitting around the campfire getting acquainted and one informed us that “his group” was determined to end oil and gas production. He went on to state that “his group” would go to any lengths to depopulate the world, including execution. At his turn, he stated that his occupation was a junior high school science teacher.…

WWJ / AP • Sat 2015 Jul 25, 6:08pm

A group is planning to unveil an 8-foot-tall bronze statue featuring a goat-headed Satan in Detroit during a gathering that’s being billed as the “largest public satanic ceremony in history.”…

ChiCom Flag
War News Updates • Fri 2015 Jul 24, 6:23pm

…Despite tensions between the United States and China over the South China Sea, the two nations’ militaries train together at a very high level. … [War News Updates editor: "It makes you wonder if Pentagon and U.S. foreign policy has become schizophrenic."]

Stilton Jarlsberg, Hope n' Change • Sun 2015 Jul 12, 10:17am

…When you put all those pieces together, or "connect the dots" as the Democrats used to say when Bush was in office, you see the entire fabric of American society being rapidly and deliberately unraveled by orders and edicts.…

Hope & Change cartoon and commentary from July 10. Stilton does more while "on vacation" than many get done in a full work week.
Emily Summars, Enid News & Eagle • Thu 2015 Jul 2, 6:32pm

ENID, Okla. — U.S. Sen. James Lankford said new trade legislation signed into law this week will be a boon for Oklahoma.… “For us to increase the number of people that take our products, whether it be wheat, beef, pork poultry or cotton — all those are major exports out of Oklahoma,” he said. “Service products for oil field products, that’s a major export out of Oklahoma. We’re opening up fields in Australia, New Zealand, Chile … those are big markets for our products. That’s a big win for us that got passed, and it allows us to take the next step to finalize the negotiation and see where it goes from there.”… In regard to the federal budgeting process, Lankford said it is moving along well, …

Chedoh, People's Cube • Tue 2015 Jun 30, 9:09pm

Dianne Feinstein: "If individuals are having nightmares and panic attacks about the atrocities they have committed over seas while following orders from a war criminal like former President George Bush, then quite honestly they deserve it. We shouldn't free them from their guilt any more then we should free a murderer or rapist from their prison cells."

This is People's Kube and there is no source link.
The Other McCain • Thu 2015 Jun 25, 4:50pm

The rush to ban display and sale of the Confederate flag in the wake of last week’s shooting in Charleston should cause concern for any person intelligent enough to understand how such precedents, once established, are often used to justify further aggression by Cultural Marxists.…

Benjamin Weinthal, Fox News • Thu 2015 Jun 25, 4:47pm

A Syrian woman believed responsible for helping to deliver hundreds of young European girls to ISIS has defected, and is now warning young women of the hell that awaits them in the black-clad Islamist army's so-called caliphate.

“You are young," the defector, who used the alias Um Asma in an interview with German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, told young women considering running away to join ISIS. "The caliphate is not what you think it is. Women are whipped, sold and stoned. Corpses are on display publicly for weeks.” …

Dianny, Patriot Retort • Thu 2015 Jun 25, 4:44pm

It must be swell being a Democrat.

You can kill a woman and become the “Lion of the Senate.” … You can rape a woman and still be the most influence Democrat alive.… You can be a member of the Ku Klux Klan, a virulent racist and segregationist, and the Democrats will make you leader of the Senate. … You can use your position as Secretary of State to pad your own purse and make yourself fabulously wealthy while lying about … well, everything. You can lose six billion dollars of taxpayer money and even be responsible for the death of four men in Benghazi and still be the heir apparent of the Democrat nomination for President for the United States.

And, in case you missed it.

You can give rioters space to destroy the very city you are charged with leading, vilify your police force and make a complete mess of things to the point where your fair city has the highest monthly rate of homicides in forty years, and you will be made President of the US Conference of Mayors.…

Sher Zieve, Gulag Bound • Mon 2015 Jun 15, 9:12am

…Although many in the past have set the table for the USA’s destruction, it was not until Barack Hussein Obama took the US White House as his own that the final phase began implementation. It has been extremely easy for Obama and his syndicate to “transform” (aka “dismantle and decimate”) the USA from within, as the people of the country had already been conditioned to following the authority of leftist-run public (government) school systems and would buckle to any far-Left Luciferian authority’s order they faced.…