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US Election 2016

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Decision Desk • Wed 2016 May 11, 9:49am
Sanders bests Hillary in W Va.

Trump does not defeat himself in Indiana

Tom Leonard, Mail (UK) • Sat 2016 May 7, 11:48pm

…Many dismiss him as a bigot, buffoon, liar and misogynist. Others counter that he is honest, incorruptible (thanks to his wealth) and inspirational. If — as is almost inevitable — he faces Hillary Clinton in a final battle for the White House, it will surely live up to its advance billing as the ‘showdown of the century’.

No one — not even Trump, it is said — dreamed he would get this far. But the dazzling speed of his ascent has obscured the real story about a man who has been accused of raping his own wife, molesting and bullying women, fraternising with mafiosi and employing unscrupulous and racist dirty tricks in business.…

Not that anyone cares.
Francis W. Porretto, Liberty's Torch • Sat 2016 May 7, 11:39am

…[T]he people have chosen Donald Trump. A man who mocks the handicapped, who considers free speech a disgrace, who triangulated a position so nonsensical on North Carolina’s bathroom law that no one knows what he means, who is a proven hypocrite on foreign workers and immigration, who wants to increase the lands owned by federal government rather than decreasing federal power and turning over the lands to the states, who has never asked anyone for forgiveness, most especially God, who only recently triangulated his position on gun rights when previously supporting an “assault weapons” ban, who supports abortion, who believes that Maryanne Trump Barry (who supports infanticide) would make a fine supreme court justice, who criticizes women for their appearance, who calls people disgusting because of pictures taken of them while they eat. and who believes in a single payer health care system.…

Quoting Herschel at Captain's Journal
Dianny, Patriot Retort • Sat 2016 May 7, 11:36am

…I get having somebody else do the actually writing up of a plan that appears on a candidate’s website. The difference here is clearly the other candidates had a great deal of input on what those policies would entail. Therefore, they were well-versed enough to successfully discuss, and more importantly, defend those policy positions.

To me, Trump’s lack of understanding of his own tax plan reveals a more significant failing than simply paying somebody else to do his homework for him. It reveals to me that of all these policy prescriptions outlined on Trump’s website, many of them aren’t his positions at all.…

Dave Blount, Moonbattery • Sat 2016 May 7, 12:37am

…During the first hour of the Libertarian Party presidential forum that aired Friday night on the Fox Business Network, leading Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson admitted that in his view, Jewish bakers should be forced by government to bake wedding cakes for Nazis.… If this totalitarian dingbat gets the nomination, maybe we should try the Constitution Party.…

Ryan Mauro, Clarion Project • Sat 2016 May 7, 12:29am

…read our full profiles of the candidates' positions related to Islamist extremism…

Nickarama, Weasel Zippers • Fri 2016 May 6, 11:50am

…Donald Trump’s effort to choose a vice president…While rank-and-file conservatives are searching for a signal that Mr. Trump shares their values, Ben Carson, a former GOP rival now helping the presumptive Republican presidential nominee pick a running mate, said Thursday Democrats may be among those considered.…

Considering there's no real difference between the DIABLOs and the RINOs, it hardly matters.

Quoting WSJ.

Angry Trump
Dave Blount, Moonbattery • Thu 2016 May 5, 11:15pm

…right on the heels of Trump effectively sewing up the nomination, we read this:

Trump on Thursday named Steven Mnuchin, chairman and CEO of private investment firm Dune Capital Management LP, to serve as the national finance chairman for his presidential campaign.

Mnuchin, also a former partner at Goldman Sachs, will bring finance experience to the campaign’s fundraising operation, the statement said.

Mnuchin’s 17-year stint at Goldman Sachs is only the beginning. Get this:

He also worked at Soros Fund Management LLC, founded by liberal mega-donor George Soros.…

Trump, the inside-outsider
Paul Bois, Truth Revolt • Thu 2016 May 5, 11:59am

On the heels of clinching the GOP nomination for president, Donald Trump has hired John Mashburn as his Policy Director, praised by certain pro-life groups for his strong support of protecting the unborn.…

Bernie Sanders
Adelle Nazarian, Breitbart • Wed 2016 May 4, 4:53pm

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was declared the winner of Tuesday’s Indiana primary, beating Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton by at least seven points…

Dave Blount, Moonbattery • Wed 2016 May 4, 4:48pm

…An authoritarian progressive has hijacked conservatives’ party with all the good will of Mohamed Atta. If the mob of Kool Aid–guzzling cretins who helped him do it think conservatives will now obediently fall into line behind them while they fly the plane 9/11 style at what is left of America’s founding principles, they are even more delusional than I thought. Far better for the plane to go down in Shanksville.…

Dianny, Patriot Retort • Wed 2016 May 4, 4:39pm

When Indiana got called for Trump last night, I went on Twitter to take the temperature of Trump supporters. … most of the tweets fell into one of two conflicting categories:
• You crybaby losers! Now unite behind our guy or it’s your fault if he loses!
• Screw you, crybaby losers! We don’t need you!

Well, which is it? You need all Republicans to unite or you don’t need all Republicans to unite? It can’t be both.…

Donald, enraged
Breitbart News • Tue 2016 May 3, 9:56pm

…“His father was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald’s being, you know, shot,” Trump said on Fox & Friends. “Nobody even brings it up; I mean they don’t even talk about that.”…

Nobody but you, Trumpy, 'cause it's stupid B.S. from your buddies at the tabloids.
Ted Cruz
Ian Hanchett, Breitbart • Tue 2016 May 3, 9:44pm

Texas Senator Ted Cruz suspended his campaign for president during a speech in Indianapolis, Indiana on Tuesday.… "We gave it everything we’ve got, but the voters chose another path. And so, with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism, for the long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign.…”

Dr. Susan Berry, Breitbart • Sun 2016 May 1, 11:35am

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is scheming to slam the door of the Senate in the face of another conservative Republican like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

McConnell’s super PAC has aggressively bought air time to ensure establishment candidate Rep. Todd Young (R-IN) replaces retiring Sen. Dan Coats. Young is running in the primary against Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R-IN) – a member of the House Freedom Caucus who voted against former Speaker John Boehner. In addition to McConnell’s super PAC, establishment GOP ally the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has spent $1 million to promote Young and keep out anti-establishment Stutzman.…

Daniel Horowitz, • Sat 2016 Apr 30, 9:33pm

…The same players who detest Ted Cruz have now recruited a straw man RINO to run against Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK), one of the most intrepid conservatives in the House of Representatives.…

Jim is my congressman, and one of the truest-blue Americans in Congress.
Sandy Fitzgerald, NewsMax • Fri 2016 Apr 29, 6:21pm

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Friday commended GOP front-runner Donald Trump for having "given voice to the frustration of millions" and said he's grateful for Trump's strong stand for jobs in his state, but said his vote and endorsement would be going to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who he praised as a stalwart conservative.…

Dianny, Patriot Retort • Fri 2016 Apr 29, 6:19pm

…According to Philip Bump at the Washington Post, though he has yet to hit that mark of having the most primary votes in Republican history (George W. Bush holds that record), by the end of the 2016 primary season, Donald Trump probably will exceed Bush’s 2000 totals.

Now, here’s the other side of the coin.

Trump also will be another historic first. In addition to garnering the most primary votes in Republican history, Donald J. Trump will also hold the record for having the most primary votes against him.…

Renee Nal, • Fri 2016 Apr 29, 12:29pm

The media is working hard to convince you that they caught Ted Cruz in a lie about working with John Boehner. But they are lying, as usual.… “It is false and misleading to describe Ted Cruz as having been ‘John Boehner’s lawyer.’ When Cruz was a young lawyer, his boss (Mike Carvin) was hired to be Boehner’s lawyer in one case. Cruz worked as a junior associate on that case, but he doesn’t remember even meeting Boehner, much less ever having had a substantive conversation with him.”…

Mike, Political Clown Parade • Fri 2016 Apr 29, 12:26pm

…On The O'Reilly factor tonight, Donald Trump said of Afghanistan: "That's one place frankly instead of going to Iraq we should have probably gone there first".…

Um, about that, Donnie boy…

Read article for more samples of Trumpian wisdom.

Christopher Bucktin, Mirror (UK) • Fri 2016 Apr 29, 12:20pm

US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has denied claims he raped a woman when she was a teenager.… accused of attacking the alleged victim with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.… alleged victim, who lodged her claim in the Central District Court of California on Tuesday, is suing for $100m.…

Accusation does not prove anything. Posted because, well, it's news.
Fox News • Fri 2016 Apr 29, 11:23am

Authorities in Southern California said early Friday that at least 20 people were arrested as protesters created havoc after a Donald Trump rally.… Dozens of protesters were mostly peaceful… Trump supporter had his face bloodied in a scuffle as he tried to drive out of the area. One man jumped on top of a police car, leaving its front and rear windows smashed and the top dented in and other protesters sprayed graffiti on a police car and the venue’s marquee. Dozens of cars -- including those of Trump supporters trying to leave -- were stuck in the street as several hundred demonstrators blocked the road, waved Mexican flags and posed for selfies.…

If this is what they call "mostly peaceful," I'd hate to see what a riot looks like.
Paul Bois, Truth Revolt • Thu 2016 Apr 28, 7:57pm

…John Boehner… former House Speaker described the Texas Senator as "Lucifer in the flesh" … "miserable son of a bitch"…

Rep. Peter King of New York… said, "Maybe he gives Lucifer a bad name by comparing him to Ted Cruz.…"

Says a lot
Dianny, Patriot Retort • Thu 2016 Apr 28, 7:04pm

…Trump’s speech was fraught with “we never should have done this” and “I knew it was a mistake if we did that” type language. What it was short on was an actual foreign policy knowledge or understanding.…

Dianny, Patriot Retort • Thu 2016 Apr 28, 7:01pm

…Calling Cruz and Fiorina “the most loathsome pair in America,” Planned Parenthood’s statement reads like it was written by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton…

Boxer especially hates Fiorina because Carly had the temerity to run against her in 2010.…

Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy in Media • Thu 2016 Apr 28, 6:55pm

Donald J. Trump’s foreign policy address was delivered with the aid of a teleprompter and written by his pro-Russian advisers. He took no questions. It was a replay of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s disastrous Russian “reset” that led to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Yet, Trump pretends to be an opponent of Mrs. Clinton’s foreign policy.

We clearly saw the influence of Trump’s pro-Russian advisers in the speech. There was absolutely no recognition of the Russian threat to Europe, including its invasion and occupation of Ukraine.

Even our media couldn’t ignore this blatant omission.…

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, Noisy Room • Thu 2016 Apr 28, 6:52pm

…Trump used a prepared speech and teleprompters yesterday. He mispronounced ‘Tasmania’ and stumbled left and right. He talked about reducing weapon stockpiles. He talked about not getting in further conflicts, but he would still defeat ISIS. That makes no sense. He chooses a slogan of ‘America First!’ that was a slogan in the 1930’s for the Nazis in America to keep us from fighting the Germans. No one knows how to use Google in the Trump camp evidently. He also talks about the Cold War ending… it never did… it shifted. Trump’s speech was a disaster all in itself.…

Ann Coulter, Twitter • Thu 2016 Apr 28, 6:36pm

— Ann Coulter

Um… that's one opinion.
Ace of Spades • Wed 2016 Apr 27, 7:04pm

…Carly Fiorina scores a second huge win this election cycle.

First she was a guest on the Ace of Spades podcast. She probably thought it could get no better than that.

But it did.…

Heh. Ace!