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Sun 2011 Aug 7

Sun 2011 Aug 7, 4:00pm
On PoliNation

TEA PARTY’S NEWEST TARGET:DEBT ‘SUPER COMMITTEE.’ ... I don’t know how much of this is true

Communism + Kabuki Theater = Supercongress!! by the soft-spoken, ever-reserved ;-) Ann Barnhardt: "SuperCongress completely shreds Article 1 Section 1 of the Constitution. PLEASE read the following American Thinker piece which explains this in detail. ... this is all modeled precisely after the Soviet Union."

Ann refers to this article: The Budget Control Act Of 2011 Violates Constitutional Order by Herbert W. Titus and William J. Olson

Barnhardt's column ends with this quote, infamous, but not well enough known these days, alas:

""Your children's children will be living under communism.

"You Americans are so gullible. No, you won't accept communism outright; but we'll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you will finally wake up and find that you already have communism. We won't have to fight you; we will so weaken your economy until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands."

--Nikita Krushchev

Sat 2011 Aug 6

Sat 2011 Aug 6, 10:24pm
On Ace of Spades

14 Why do they put so many in a single helo?

23 This is what I was wondering as well.

46 Are we really so low on resources in theater that someone thought it wise to put 31 of our best and brightest on a single slow moving large target going into a hot LZ?

81 saving gas. I shit you not.

68 They put so many in one copter to make less noise and for the element of surprise. The Seals and SF guys almost do night raids exclusively. Gen Petruis started this about a year ago. It terrifies the Taliban and has kicked their asses. The hit was a luck shot from an RPG. (Also see 137, 152, 153)

43 Sure sounds like an inside job, if first reports are correct. How else did the Taliban know where the helo was at night--and filled with over 30 Seals?

68 & others, I'd have to take ya'll's word for the why on one copter, but I had no doubt (what 43 said) the moment I heard the news. They were set up. 175

90 I have to wonder if someone in the present administration leaked information about this mission as part of accommodating their Taliban buddies. It wouldn't put it past them at all.

159 I want to know who leaked this that 'the taliban got its revenge!' crap. Who leaked that seal team 6 were the ones who died?

Am I crazy to think she's not?

75 Those SEALs were doubtlessly on their way to a very important operation, so I have to wonder if that is related to the rocket attack. Or some random bastard got lucky this time. Whatever their target was, we need to strike that target hard. If we haven't already, we are idiots.

Rescue or reinforcement according to CNN

40 Can we please, for once, have a punitive response?

41 Please tell me that we are going to retaliate and retaliate HARD.

44 In your dreams. Not gonna happen with this administration.

Yup! What 44 said.

Ann strikes me as right about the ways of the Marxist.

God save America, God bless those who serve, and God comfort the families of all who have fallen.

Mon 2011 Aug 1

Mon 2011 Aug 1, 7:54pm
On PoliNation

Chrissyyyyyyyy! Like your graphics, BUT... (don't you hate it when someone starts that way?)

It's the links. I wanted to see the video of the troops being told about their pay. I had to type it in. All the links in all the graphics: type it in. And carefully when it's one of those gobbledygook YouTube URLs. Want to cut 'n' paste the text from somewhere? Well, maybe I could from the article you reference in the graphic, so I could follow the URL… by typing it in. Starting to get the picture? I mean the words? :) Defeats the whole point of the hyperlinked web, as well as the convenience of cutt'n' 'n' pastin'. Maybe when you post the graphics, you could add the links, if not the text as text?

Sure, it's more work, better more work for you than for me! :O

Mon 2011 Aug 1, 7:04pm
On PoliNation

Our nation honors our military… except during peace, during war, when they come home, and when they die. Other than that, we're so proud of them! :(

This article on (did I get this from PoliNation? I can't keep track!)
Little Support for 'Pay Troops First' Bill
has a link to let your congresscritter know what you want. As if that would make any difference, pardon my cynicism.

"Two weeks after a Texas congressman tried force a House vote on his bill mandating that servicemembers be paid first in the event of a government shutdown, only nine representatives have signed on. The so-called discharge petition requires 218 signatures. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas… during a press conference on July 14… expressed confidence that he’d have the backing, claiming he had 190 co-sponsors." (My emphasis added.)

Mon 2011 Aug 1, 3:04pm
On HillBuzz

'Twas HillBuzz first really got me to start taking a serious second look at Sarah Palin. I've been politically cynical since before I could vote for Nixon's "secret plan to end the Viet Nam war," and rarely have much enthusiasm for a candidate. More often I vote for the lesser of two weevils. Not that we're utterly jaded. Mrs. Webworker and I have often turned to each other and thanked God together that Gore was not in the White House on 9/11, and that Kerry was not elected (again as recently as last night when we watched the Rubio video that's been so popular, and Kerry's fright-mask of a face popped up unexpectedly). It's just that the candidates at the Federal level have all been so limited, such… politicians! But Gov. Palin has not disappointed and just seems to keep getting better -- as I've said before, she seems to me to be honest, sincere, clear-minded, but most of all puts her fate completely in the hands of the Almighty, like no one I've ever seen.

Here's my slapdash poster effort on a hot August afternoon when I should be doing more important things. My original idea was simply to replace the guitar with a rifle barrel, and that led to two poster attempts. They don't really fill the requirements. At best, showing her armed, it's just a direct in-your-face to the blood libelous folks. But I had fun, anyway.

Marco Rubio Says "Save The Country" & John Kerry Questions him
Uploaded to YouTube by rightface1 on Jul 30, 2011
Mon 2011 Aug 1, 1:05pm
On HillBuzz

For historical edjjimicational porpoises, then, since you mention it:
MTV LAUNCH FIRST DAY SATURDAY 12:01 am AUGUST 1st , 1981 1st hour Part 1
"At the moment of its launch, only a few thousand people on a single cable system in northern New Jersey could see it."

Just the video:
First Music Video on MTV- Video Killed the Radio Star

Alternative live version:
Buggles - Video killed the radio star 1979

Never could stand MTV m'self. But I was almost 30 then. :)

Justin: Your posts suck! Quick, now, Kevin, reassure him I'm kidding and just trying to help, in that it's best to have the first criticism be friendly. I did the same thing for the new website! Just naturally helpful that way. Honestly, I like the last 2 days' posts. Friendly & personal, as opposed to dry and almanacky. Not to be taken by reflection as criticism of the other folks' "happened today" posts -- it's quite a task to keep up with everything and be fresh and witty every day.

And Kevin, good to see you contributing again. The thing I like most about Kevin's posts: He makes my prolixity seem concise by contrast. See? There I go again!

Sun 2011 Jul 31

Sun 2011 Jul 31, 12:42am
On Ace of Spades

Okay, waiting for... well, never mind... I DID read the whole now-306 messages.

It's worse than you think. I'm in Oklahoma. Can't get beer 'til Monday.

Jenna Marbles is my new favorite funny vlogger.

Captain America was great for this old Marvel No-Prize winner. We stayed 'til after the creds 'cause the hefty nerdboy who sat behind us warned us as we got up to leave, thankew veddy mooch! As I told him, I remember when they brought Cap back in Avengers #4! And, gaww, I thought they did a good sad at the end. The vaporizing was horrific. War is hell enough, but not even dog tags to bring home! Gawdawful.

Okay, nice to be in early enough to get some response for a change. NOW I'm heading for.. zzzzzzz

This brought one reply from chemjeff

Sat 2011 Jul 30

Sat 2011 Jul 30, 10:57pm
On Ace of Spades

It's late, I'm tired, I have no energy to read any of the no doubt fascinating and insightful 228 comments, I'm on a slow rural connection, and can't see the videos. The world is doomed. We rent rides to the space station from the Russians, the budget is a pop bottle rocket (the kind that explode), Dick Milhouse O'Bluffy is STILL pResident, communism is rampant, there's no beer in the fridge, we're losing Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya but about to go to war with Iran while the imminent Mexican invasion (h/t Ann Barnhardt) is timed to coincide with the multi-city terrorist nuking (see.. uh...) and the Yellowstone volcano, and Mr Jesus still hasn't been back to visit us, BUT...

NOW THERE'S A REAL CRISIS! I bought a bag of ordinary Oreo cookies tonight and the filling.. the filling was about HALF there!! Win The Future? Is nothing sacred? It was, like, twice the thickness of my big toenail. Maybe the cookies were thinner, too, but who cares, that would be a good thing. Is this a plot to force us to buy double-stuft just to get normal stuff? Is this Michelle Obama's latest plan to screw dietary happiness? It wasn't even worth twisting them apart and scraping the filling out. It's not like I can go out and buy Hydrox, y'know? (You don't know? I feel so old!)

Maybe I just got a bum bag. Instance is not pattern. But Nabisco, I'm watching you!

That is all. Good night.

This got amusing responses from phoenixgirl and chemjeff and Peaches and The Great Satan's Ghost and robtr and someone and and ParanoidLaundryGirlinSeattle.

Sat 2011 Jul 30, 2:06pm
On Sister Toldjah

"I was just 7. I’m just glad he didn’t get up and leave, because then I would have been more scared and confused." Amazing that the kids didn't miss that serious trouble had happened. (Why do so many adults think kids are unobservant or unaware?)

I tried watching the linked video before reading the rest of your post, but got disgusted after the first sneer. Sorry I even gave the vid a hit.

And to Phineas and ST, despite whatever errors he made, I can't tell you how many times over the last decade my wife and I have said to one another how grateful to God we are that we didn't have Gore, or Kerry, instead of Bush!

Carlos, arcman46, and Phineas all sound the same truth in one way or another, that Bush was going to be criticized no matter what he did. It's all just the rawest kind of left-wing propaganda, just like the media covered anti-war demonstrations heavily when Bush was in office, but now that Dick Milhouse O'Bluffy (who is not a Muslim or a Socialist) is occupying the Oval Office, if you only get the LaughingStock Media, you don't know they're even going on.* Just like President Palin will be damned no matter what she does. :)

*The protests you aren’t seeing on DoD Buzz
[h/t to War News Updates]

Fri 2011 Jul 29

Fri 2011 Jul 29, 8:31pm
On Sister Toldjah

The NASA data confirms what has been said all along: the computer models were based on false assumptions. Garbage In, Garbage Out. And this is making the rounds at various blogs and news sites, helped no doubt by Drudge's linkage.

I found this to be even more significant, though.

The chief of the world’s leading physics lab at CERN in Geneva has prohibited scientists from drawing conclusions from a major experiment. The CLOUD (“Cosmics Leaving Outdoor Droplets”) experiment examines the role that energetic particles from deep space play in cloud formation. CLOUD uses CERN’s proton synchrotron to examine nucleation.

But we are free to interpret the data. What controls earth's heat? Clouds. What makes clouds? Cosmic rays. What causes cosmic rays? Solar activity. So, when the sun is quiet, less cosmic rays, less clouds, more heat. When the sun is active, more cosmic rays, more clouds, more heat. That's one aspect.

Another aspect is the cosmic rays from elsewhere in the galaxy, producing cyclic cooling -- the ice ages.

I'm no scientist, but I think I've read that right. Feel free to check my understanding:
CO2 Theory About to Take Another Big Hit?
The next climate debate bombshell
CERN 'gags' physicists in cosmic ray climate experiment
Global Warming Finally in the Deep Freeze?

As I mentioned on Sister Toldjah, a whole box of nails in the coffin of anthropogenic global warming or climate change or whatever it's called these days, IIUC, is the (politically incorrect) confirmation that the overwhelmingly primary source of warming and cooling is cosmic rays.

Fri 2011 Jul 29, 7:00pm
On HillBuzz
Bridget wrote, "The president of the NAACP Benjamin Jealous thinks that since Nikki Haley comes from Indian descent, she should understand what it is like to be oppressed by “colonials” and she should be sensitive to how blacks feel about the Confederate flag."

Bridget... you rraaacccist Suthrener! ;)

By harping on racism, they have become what they fought; as seen here with the SC Guv, insisting on defining people by "race" for purposes of division and political policy, that's what segregationist racists did. Nothing wrong with taking pride in one's racial and cultural heritage, like folks around here who are proudly "Cherokee" when they have only 1/65th Cherokee ancestry. Nothing wrong with noting true racist problems, for examples as Zilla writes about in Warped Priorities in Dealing with Racist Mob Violence and The Racism Everyone Pretends Doesn't Exist. However, to keep defining a person, say, as "black" because that person has any black-African-origin ancestry, that's what segregationist racists did!

It's just inescapable: while the rest of the civilized human race moves on from the swamp of racism, these folks are mired in it. They're a joke.

‘That’s Racist’ -- the accusation becomes a punch line. Jonah Goldberg, National Review:

No, racism hasn’t vanished. And the legacy of racism has a long half-life.

But the simple fact is “that’s racist” is the sort of thing those darn kids today say to make fun of their aging Gen X and baby-boomer parents.

It’s also a common joke among conservatives, precisely because we’re used to being called racists for the weirdest things.

Of course, as a privileged Euro-descendent male, what do I know?

A thoughtful reply from Bridget

And subdjoe posts this video:
Morgan Freeman on Racism
Uploaded to YouTube by roytflores on May 15, 2010

And while we're on the subject, sort-of…
Runaway Slave Movie Teaser
Uploaded to YouTube by runawayslavemovie on Jul 20, 2010

Thu 2011 Jul 28

Thu 2011 Jul 28, 4:55pm
On Ace of Spades
As posted by Gabriel Malor: "Pfc. Naser Abdo has been AWOL from his court martial for possession of child porn. Last year he refused to deploy to Afghanistan, claiming his Muslim religion forbids it. He was arrested yesterday near Fort Hood after inquiring at a gun store how to make homemade explosives."

Regarding LaughingStock Media coverage:

I first heard about this as the lead story on the 2-minute waste of time ABC radio news this morning.

They mentioned he was AWOL since about 4th of July. They mentioned he was found with guns and bomb ingredients. They mentioned he was fingered by the same gun store where Hasan shopped.

What they didn't say spoke volumes. No hint of motive, no mention of religion, no give-away name. Reporter might as well have said, he's not a Republican Christian Fundamentalist named Smith or Jones!

h/t to Gabriel Malor at Ace of Spades who wrote, "If you can stomach it, CNN slobbered all over him back in August when he refused to deploy."
CNN Interview of Muslim Soldier Refusing Deployment Nasser Abdo
Uploaded to YouTube by freenasserabdo on Aug 26, 2010

Related offsite links:
The Attempted Terrorist Attack by the Face of Peaceful Islam, and the Problems it Presents for Media and Muslims Alike by Jeff Emanuel at RedState [h/t to Patti, commenter on HillBuzz]
The Other McCain: Like Hasan, Abdo may have taken some of his inspiration from Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical American-born Islamic cleric who is among the leaders of the Yemen-based al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). One senior U.S. official told ABC News that after Abdo was arrested at a Killeen, Texas hotel Wednesday, Abdo mentioned the name of al-Awlaki. … and is the son of a Jordanian who was deported after being caught in an online sting operation for attempting to solicit a 15-year-old girl.

Thu 2011 Jul 28, 11:54am
On HillBuzz

McCainHeard John "Wormtongue" McCain's nasal whine last night on Levin and a local show this morning. McCain is parroting a Wall Street Journal editorial. Doesn't change anything. Just FYI.

From Wikipedia: Gríma, son of Gálmód, was at first a faithful servant, but he eventually fell in league with Saruman, and from then on worked to weaken Théoden and his kingdom through lies and persuasion. Tolkien describes him as "a wizened figure of a man, with a pale wise face, and heavy lidded eyes", with a "long pale tongue".

McCain: Tea Partiers Have Bad 'Hobbit' Of Not Raising Debt Ceiling
Uploaded to YouTube by CNSNews on Jul 27, 2011

Mark Levin evicerates the Wall Street Journal editorial and John McCain on his 2011 July 27 program. (Starts on McCain at about 44m.) Snippet: John McCain is a disaster

Wed 2011 Jul 27

Wed 2011 Jul 27, 10:56pm
On PoliNation

I suppose this ought to go on the Thursday Grudge or somewhere, but, well... anyway... it's late, I'm tired, and I just wanted to drop this somewhere. Here y' go.

Wife and I just finished watching Mr Smith Goes to Washington. Haven't watched it in, well, maybe thirty years. Been looking forward to seeing it again, but enjoyed it more than ever. Suggest everybody watch it again, if you haven't recently. Our copy is a really nice restoration by the Library of Congress. I recommend it.

While you're cheering on Jimmy "Mr Smith" Stewart, see if you, too, can spot the Lamestream Media vs the Bloggers. Among other modern parallels.

Tue 2011 Jul 26

Tue 2011 Jul 26, 5:51pm
On Sister Toldjah

Discovering how right-wing bloggers, Republicans, Christians, and anti-Jihadists everywhere personally bombed the buildings and slaughtered the kids in Norway is of course not just an American hobby.

Melanie Phillips also apparently pulled the trigger in the attack.

The English Defense League was in on it.

Fjordman at Gates of Vienna apparently was the killer!

And of course, it took less than 24 hours for the intrepid sleuths of the Left to figure out that Sarah Palin and the Tea Party were also responsible for pushing that poor, poor man over the brink.

I think it's clear that Jesus himself was the mastermind behind it all.

Seriously, though....

Here's a commenter on Ace of Spades:
Q: What's the difference between an attack by a "Muslim Extremist" and an attack by a "Right-Wing Extremist"?
A: Right wing folks will condemn both.

And here's A prayer for the people of Norway.

Tue 2011 Jul 26, 4:41pm
On PoliNation

Oh, wow and ow, but thanks for the awful laugh at your household hint! Superglue can be so dangerous. Also would add, be sure not to rub your eyes when covered with superglue!

Tue 2011 Jul 26, 4:28pm
On PoliNation

"What software did you use?"

Hah! Nothing you'd want to use, I'm sure. For all my art and photo work, I use a program which was long ago bought up from the originators by one of those companies that swallows competition software. I use an old, unsupported version; I think it was designed for Win95! Like too much other software I use, it's a creaky antique, but it still does about everything I want, I'm used to it, hate the learning curve on new software, and the few bugs rarely bother me. Oh, and importantly, it's paid for, long long ago. Here's the Wikipedia article about it. The v8.1 version is available out there on the net, I suppose. They had an animation utility, also now of course old and unsupported. But I have fun with it, as you see. It can do much smoother animation than that quick rough morph I did.

Tue 2011 Jul 26, 3:34pm
On HillBuzz

Having absolutely nothing to do with this thread… just for those who might want to know…

How to trick people into thinking you're good looking
Uploaded to YouTube by JennaMarbles on Jul 9, 2010

Mon 2011 Jul 25

Mon 2011 Jul 25, 2:20pm
On PoliNation

Thanks again for the links. Well, they aren't links at the moment, but I assume they'll be fixed. :)

Especially to the Human Events article on Libya. I hadn't quite been up to speed on that. Occam's Razor (or something) says, don't attribute to conspiracy or malice what can be explained by mere incompetence or stupidity, but this seems to beg for explanation. I've already written my supposedly hard-core conservative Republican congressman, also wondered aloud in comments, why so many -- including Bachmann and West -- would vote against our engagement in Libya in principle but vote for it in dollars, and have seen no answers. Are they all so abysmally ignorant, or all in the tank together? And where is the screaming protest from the Constitutionalists?

Nice twist on the "Uncle Sam off the cliff" video. That actually is the same cliff they used in the anti-Ryan budget video. Pretty funny. And of course much more satisfying. Shameful waste of a good wheelchair, though. :)
The referenced videos:

Will Uncle Sam Be Pushed off a Cliff?
Uploaded to YouTube by UncleSamAmerica on Jul 18, 2011

The Agenda Project: America The Beautiful
Uploaded by TheAgendaProject on May 17, 2011

Sun 2011 Jul 24

Sun 2011 Jul 24, 8:48pm
On PoliNation

Heh. First saw that vid back in January. Amusing, eh? How many times have you seen those "separated at birth" comparisons? And the audience is great. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

I'm not sayin' one way or another, but others have pointed out a prospect far more likely than X (and possibly more likely than Barry Sr) is Obama’s grandfather's good friend, and Barry's Communist Mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. Adjust your tinfoil hat and read about it here. But, shhh! Don't tell anybody. :)

Just for fun, I did a morph and a couple of comparisons, too.

Obama-Davis morpheyes compared
ears compared

So, I left a comment about Obama's daddy on the "criminal complaint" page just before seeing this. As Joe Biden might say, four words: Frank Marshall Davis. :)