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Captain Whitebread #450: on second thought, maybe not. Having doubts lately that I'm even boyfriend material.

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Subjects: Cubs, family, relationships

Prof Brown, 1987: "So tell me, future boy, who's President in 2017?

Marty, smugly: "Donald Trump!"

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Subjects: Back to the Future, Cubs, Donald Trump

"You know, the law of averages says
Anything will happen that can
But the last time the Cubs took the pennant
Was the year we dropped the Bomb On Japan...."

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Subjects: Cubs, Steve Goodman

Time to play it once again:

Steve Goodman: A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request

I sure miss Steve!

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Subjects: Cubs, Steve Goodman
UB comix #2

That which we call Pete Rose by any other name…

Cartoon added on 2001 Dec 8
Subjects: humor, Urantia Moovement, Cubs, law, copyright
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