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Demon Emoji
Radical Incline

The eyes are the windows to the soul, or the lack thereof.

Photo, Remix added on 2018 Nov 19
Subjects: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, glowing eyes
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Cat's Eyes
This is why they have infra-red vision.
Photo, Remix added on 2013 Jul 18
Subjects: cats, glowing eyes
Just her eyes
They're all you needed to see.
Illustration added on 2012 Sep 15
Subjects: glowing eyes, woman, face
The Screamer
He was probably cutting a new tooth.
Illustration added on 2012 Aug 24
Subjects: moon, glowing eyes, abstract
She slinks in silky shadows.
Illustration added on 2012 Aug 11
Subjects: cats, glowing eyes
Doodleface, eyes in the dark
They're not looking at you. Yet.
Illustration added on 1997 Mar 28
Subjects: face, glowing eyes