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Amy at the White House:
"Hours of fun for Boys and Girls Ages 4 and Over"

I think they misspelled "and Under."

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webworker at January 17, 2014 12:13 AM (U13jb)

Webworker for the White House!

... he has to sleep someplace ...

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Subjects: sleep, webworker, White House

Foot and Bookball threads above, Gun thread below. We're surrounded.

Let me see if I've got this all right. No violence yet, but serious forces assembled and confronting one another.

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Soon, Drones May Be Able to Make Lethal Decisions on Their Own
Top link at Drudge...
Posted by: Lizzy

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My favorite Drudgism currently:

REPORT: White House Full of Vermin...

Who would've guessed!?

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Meaning no direspect to the office of the Presidency, nor wishing any harm to come to the Presidential residence, and not to promote a movie I've never even watched, but your photo of storm clouds

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