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Wow. This thread is too busy for me to read all the comments, so I’ll just leave my own. :D

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Subjects: animals, cats, pet

If you look closely, the tat on that dog's butt says "kick me."

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Subjects: dogs, pet

Chihuahuas can be loyal, tough little characters.

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Subjects: pet, dogs, chihuahua, inner strength

Unwind a wire coat hanger and use the pigtail end as a corkscrew.

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Subjects: Arlo and Janis, wine, pet

We live in an area where people (loosely defined) decide, "this is far enough out of town to dump our unwanted pet." If they survive the road, most seem to find their way to us.

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Subjects: animals, pet • Sat 2011 Feb 5, 1:13pm

Here's a beautiful story, linked from Drudge, and is now wide-spread, but in case you didn't see it, a family adopts the canine companion of the fallen Marine son.


People ponder precocious animals in children's illustrated reading primers.
Cat Dog Bun

Cartoon added on 1997 Dec 1
Subjects: cats, dogs, bunnies, animals, pet, children, reading, humor
Chris and Patches, Clubhouse, Jan 1997

Cats consider books a distraction.

Illustration added on 1997 Feb 3
Subjects: animals, cats, pet, reading