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A collision between U.S. and Russian satellites in early February may have been a test of new U.S. technology to intercept and destroy satellites rather than an accident, a Russian military expert has said. • Wed 2009 Mar 4, 5:53pm

SnakeA couple drove 170 kilometres (100 miles) from South Africa's famous Kruger National Park with a highly venomous spitting cobra in their car ... Gordon Parratt, 69, felt the 85-centimetre (33-inch) long snake wind itself around his leg while he was driving. At first he thought an insect had brushed his leg and swiped it away, but when he looked down he saw the snake next to his left foot.... "Fortunately I'm not the panicky type. My wife immediately put her feet up on the dashboard...." • Wed 2009 Mar 4, 5:52pm

PlaneA 26-year-old passenger on board an American Airlines jet from Charlotte to Dallas opened a door and slid down an inflatable emergency chute Tuesday as the aircraft waited to taxi to its gate at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. • Tue 2009 Mar 3, 7:36pm

An asteroid of a similar size to a rock that exploded above Siberia in 1908 with the force of a thousand atomic bombs whizzed close past Earth on Monday.... 2009 DD45, estimated to be between 21 and 47 meters (68 and 152 feet) across, raced by at 1344 GMT on Monday.... The gap was just 72,000 kilometers (44,750 miles), or a fifth of the distance between Earth and the Moon and only twice the height of satellites in geosynchronous orbit • Mon 2009 Mar 2, 3:57pm

China crashed a lunar probe into the moon Sunday.... Images released by the Chinese government show that the lunar satellite circled the Earth three times before traveling toward the moon and circling it twice before its crash. The government said the Chang'e I was controlled remotely and began to reduce speed about 45 minutes before the crash. Images show the lunar satellite breaking apart on impact. The deliberate crash of the lunar satellite aimed to give China experience for a moon landing in two years and eventual launch of an unmanned lunar rover.... China hopes to collect soil and stone samples from the moon by 2017 and send a manned rover to the moon by 2020... • Tue 2009 Feb 24, 4:50pm

The space agency's first carbon dioxide-monitoring satellite took off on a rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California this morning, but after blasting through the Earth's atmosphere it fell short of its orbiting height and plummeted back towards the sea. • Tue 2009 Feb 17, 10:25pm

You'll be able to charge any new mobile phone from the same universal charger beginning on January 1, 2012. -- Except the iPhone. • Tue 2009 Feb 17, 10:23pm

stopped his car to answer a call of nature - and watched in horror as it slid over a cliff... wife and children... in the passenger seats... all escaped unharmed. • Wed 2009 Feb 11, 7:22pm

A commercial satellite owned by a U.S. company was destroyed in a collision with a defunct Russian military satellite in what NASA said was the first such accident in orbit, raising new concerns about the dangers of space debris. The crash, which happened Tuesday in low-earth orbit, involved one of the satellites owned by closely held Iridium Satellite LLC and a crippled Russian military satellite that apparently stopped functioning years ago.... The collision created two large clouds of debris floating roughly 480 miles above Siberia, and prompted space scientists and engineers to assess the likelihood of further collisions....

plane • Wed 2009 Feb 11, 1:37pm

…accessing the names and Social Security numbers of 45,000 employees and retirees. The agency said in a statement Monday that two of the 48 files on the breached computer server contained personal information about employees and retires who were on the FAA's rolls as of the first week of February 2006. … not connected to the operation of the air traffic control system…. • Mon 2009 Feb 9, 8:27pm

Three Toledo-area people were killed in a chain-reaction crash at a collision scene on I-475/U.S. 23 near the Ohio Turnpike just before daybreak Thursday, and another person was critically injured when she jumped off a bridge to avoid being struck by a vehicle • Sun 2009 Feb 8, 6:29pm

Dr. Sally Kristen Ride (born May 26, 1951) is an American physicist and a former NASA astronaut. Ride joined NASA in 1978, and in 1983 became the first American woman—and then-youngest American—to enter space. In 1987 she left NASA to work at Stanford University's Center for International Security and Arms Control. • Wed 2009 Feb 4, 9:38pm

Drivers better buckle up or pay the price: More cash-strapped states want to give law enforcement officers the authority to pull over motorists just for not wearing their seat belts. More than a dozen states that are considering making the switch to primary seat-belt enforcement laws need to do so before July to be eligible for millions in federal money. • Sat 2009 Jan 10, 10:58pm

Is it a car? Is it a plane? Actually it's both. The first flying automobile, equally at home in the sky or on the road, is scheduled to take to the air next month. If it survives its first test flight, the Terrafugia Transition, which can transform itself from a two-seater road car to a plane in 15 seconds, is expected to land in showrooms in about 18 months' time. • Fri 2008 Nov 28, 9:57pm

Monday's death-defying jet-pack flight across Colorado's Royal Gorge was only the beginning, says an official with the company behind the feat. Eric Scott of Jet Pack International (Jet P.I.) used a standard hydrogen peroxide-fueled jet pack to get across the 1,250-foot-deep gorge south of Denver, breaking his own record by traveling 1,500 feet horizontally. But his entire flight lasted only 20 seconds. The maximum flight time for a hydrogen-peroxide pack is about 45 seconds, though one company in California has recently extended that to 75 seconds by mixing in a little kerosene. • Tue 2008 Nov 11, 10:29pm

A British engineer has invented a fan-powered flying car - and to prove the Skycar works, he's off to Africa in it