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There is so much junk in space that collisions could start to increase exponentially, leading to a continuously growing pile of rubble in orbit • Fri 2011 Aug 26, 9:48am

An unmanned Russian cargo ship carrying tons of supplies for astronauts on the International Space Station suffered a major malfunction after launching today and ultimately crashed back to Eart ... Ship was hauling 2.9 tons of food, fuel and supplies to space station; 2nd Russian spacecraft to be lost during launch in six days • Tue 2011 Aug 23, 2:52pm

PlaneA U.S. businessman who went into a drunken rage on board a transatlantic flight to the UK was arrested after allegedly threatening to stab the pilots with a shard of glass. ... 'Petrified' passengers claimed 32-year-old ... was drinking large quantities of wine and beer before raving at passengers and attacking staff. [Petrified? Really? Over a "shard of glass"? In this post-9/11 day and age?] • Sun 2011 Aug 21, 8:35pm

a 22-year-old woman, her mother and grandmother were killed when the family's SUV blew a tire on northbound I-95 in Wilson County, the driver lost control and the vehicle overturned. • Mon 2011 Aug 15, 12:26pm

A historic Ford Tri-Motor will make a stop at the Bartlesville Airport on September 15 — 18. ...played a major role in the development of safe and reliable air transportation in the United States.... manufactured on August 21, 1929.... • Sun 2011 Aug 7, 12:55pm

Wreckage from shuttle Columbia was uncovered in East Texas this week, the result of a prolonged drought lowering water levels in a lake. The spherical tank, which is about four feet in diameter, is stuck in the mud alongside Lake Nacogdoches. ...part of Columbia's power-producing fuel cell system. ...thought to be either a liquid hydrogen or liquid oxygen tank. • Tue 2011 Jul 26, 7:29pm

At least 32 people died when a high-speed train smashed into a stalled train in China's eastern Zhejiang province Saturday, state media said, raising new questions about the safety of the fast-growing rail network. The accident occurred on a bridge near the city of Wenzhou after the first train lost power due to a lightning strike and a bullet train following behind crashed into it.... The total power failure rendered useless an electronic safety system designed to warn following trains of stalled trains on the tracks up ahead, and automatically halt them before a collision can occur.... The flagship Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail line has been plagued by power outages, leaving passengers stranded on stuffy trains for hours at least three times since opening a month ago. • Thu 2011 Jul 21, 6:54pm

Scientists in Israel say they have invented a way of turning traffic into electricity. ... a road that generates power when vehicles pass over it. ... 'piezo' electricity • Thu 2011 Jul 21, 6:51pm

A Salinas car manufacturing company that was expected to build environmentally friendly electric cars and create new jobs folded before almost any vehicles could run off the assembly line. The city of Salinas had invested more than half a million dollars in Green Vehicles, an electric car start-up company. All of that money is now gone • Thu 2011 Jul 21, 6:50pm

A flying car retailing for $227,000 could be on roads in a matter of months -- and customers are already lining up to be the first to get their hands on one, its maker claims. Just over a week ago, the Terrafugia Transition passed a significant milestone when it was cleared for takeoff by the U.S. National Highway Safety Administration. It's taken Terrafugia founder Carl Dietrich just five years to realize his dream, with some media outlets reporting that the Transition could now be on U.S. roads by the end of next year. • Sat 2011 Jul 16, 12:09pm

D.C. Circuit ... This morning, the federal court ruled that the "naked scans" of air travelers do not violate Americans' constitutional rights. ... Judge Douglas Ginsburg writes that the advance imaging technology is not unreasonable given the security concerns on airplanes, and that people have the option to opt out for a pleasurable patdown. The court notes that some "have complained that the resulting patdown was unnecessarily aggressive," but the judges don't seem overly concerned about that. ... Good news for body scanner manufacturers Rapiscan and L-3. Bad news for those who don't like having to choose between digital nudity and frisking. • Sat 2011 Jul 16, 11:58am

a Colorado woman is accused of putting her hands on a TSA agent at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. ... grabbed the left breast of the female agent ... squeezed and twisted the agent's breast with both hands ... There's no word why she touched the agent. [No, can't imagine!] now faces a felony count of sexual abuse. [Oh, goodj! Oh, wait, they don't mean TSA....] • Fri 2011 Jul 15, 9:02pm

No one is immune to the probing hands of the TSA ... including former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld ... who got the pat-down at Chicago's O'Hare airport this afternoon • Fri 2011 Jul 15, 8:56pm

A cellphone-size stun gun found aboard a JetBlue plane arriving from Boston did not appear intended to be used in an attack • Fri 2011 Jul 15, 8:56pm

Russia said there was little hope of finding any more people alive on Monday after an overloaded tourist boat sank in the Volga River, killing as many as 128 people in Russia's worst river accident in three decades. • Fri 2011 Jul 15, 8:52pm

"It was extremely thorough, almost a violation, "says Jason Steitler as he describes how a TSA official searched him at the Greater Rochester International Airport July 6th. Steitler's disability requires he uses a wheelchair. "They did the hair then did the neck. Then they had me do a pushup in my chair, then got down into my inner thigh around my back side. It's the most thorough search [I've] had done in my life," says Steitler. ... "She's been using the phrase 'search raped' because it was that thorough. She says it was nearly to her crotch," says Steitler. "I feel the chair should have option of either scanner or searches, but automatically we're being thrown to being patted down." • Fri 2011 Jul 15, 8:51pm

A 41-year-old Clarksville woman was arrested after Nashville airport authorities say she was belligerent and verbally abusive to security officers, refusing for her daughter to be patted down at a security checkpoint. ... saying she did not want her daughter to be "touched inappropriately or have her "crotch grabbed" ... After the woman refused to calm down, airport police said, she was charged with disorderly conduct and taken to jail. ... At one point, Abbott tried unsuccessfully to take a video with her cellphone. ... TSA says it will instruct screeners how to make repeated attempts to screen young children without invasive pat-downs. • Fri 2011 Jul 15, 8:47pm

I'm growing sour on travel. I have always disliked it. When I was a kid my parents took us all over Europe and the Caribbean, and it really exhausted me. Now that I'm a grown up, I am better able to articulate why I think travel is a waste of time. Here are four reasons why I think the benefits of travel are largely delusional • Fri 2011 Jul 15, 8:17pm

Transportation Ray LaHood visited Europe to check out HSR there in person and came back proclaiming, "High speed rail is coming to America." The $8 billion, we were told, was a down payment, and that in little more than two decades, America's largest cities would be linked by a web of high speed trains. But as it turns out, a series of snafus and reversals has left Obama's HSR agenda on life support. ... But beyond those philosophically opposed to HSR, some high speed rail advocates have done themselves no favors either. They've resolutely backed pretty much any and every rail project regardless of whether it is potentially useful or an outright boondoggle. • Sun 2011 Jul 10, 9:44pm

An Illinois man is being held at the Christian County Jail after a tractor-trailer he was driving hit a horse-drawn buggy, killing a young Amish girl and injuring three members of her family ... being held for murder, operating a vehicle under the influence, criminal mischief and three counts of assault • Sat 2011 Jul 9, 4:42pm

Today the Space Shuttle Atlantis took off for the last time, as Obama has scrapped our space program in favor of using NASA to "make muslims feel good" and America will now have to hitch rides with Russia, which will now control the International Space Station. It is a sad day. • Fri 2011 Jul 8, 6:35pm

Airlines are being warned by the government that terrorists are considering surgically hiding bombs inside humans to evade airport security. As a result, travelers may find themselves subjected to more scrutiny when flying in the heart of summer vacation season, especially to the U.S. from abroad. ... People-scanning machines in airports aren't able to detect explosives hidden inside humans. ... Jimmie C. Oxley, a chemistry professor at the University of Rhode Island and explosives expert, said it would be tough to carry out such an effort successfully. She said there are only so many places to hide a bomb in the body, and a suicide bomber would have to recover enough from the surgery to travel and set off the device. ... [ALL PASSEENGERS SUBJECT TO IMPROMPTU SURGERY BY TSA AGENTS] • Fri 2011 Jul 8, 6:30pm

ONONDAGA, N.Y. — A man riding bareheaded on one of about 550 motorcycles in an anti-helmet law rally lost control of his cycle, went over his handlebars, hit his head on the pavement and died... • Sat 2011 Jun 25, 12:14pm

Metro has responded to 339 calls for service in the first half of 2011 involving a suspicious person, package, bomb threat or similar condition, according to the transit agency. That's almost two cases every day. ... It was not immediately clear how many — if any — of the 339 cases involved actual bombs or credible threats. • Sat 2011 Jun 25, 12:09pm

The metal object that killed a Waterbury woman while she was riding in a sport utility vehicle on Interstate 95 south in Greenwich on Saturday was a locking pin that likely flew off a one-ton dump truck, State Police said Wednesday. Investigators at Troop G in Bridgeport are trying to uncover what happened around 12:34 p.m. that led to the object smashing through the windshield of a 2003 Ford Escape and striking the victim, Sara Betancourt, who was sitting in the front passenger seat.... • Thu 2011 Jun 23, 6:54pm

A 7-year-old Michigan boy barefoot and in pajamas drove a car for 20 miles, sometimes hitting speeds of 50 mph, before finally slowing down and stopping with the help of authorities. • Sun 2011 Jun 19, 12:43pm

A bad case of superiority complex, maybe! There can only be one thing worse than someone talking loudly on the train ... and that's someone talking loudly on the train about how intelligent they are. Captured on a cellphone by a fellow passenger on a New York-Connecticut train is a commuter straight out of the 'do you know who I am?' school. • Tue 2011 Jun 14, 5:58pm

Earlier this year, the Transportation Security Administration halted a program that allowed airports to privatize their screeners, citing safety concerns, but airport administrators say TSA stopped the program with little warning and without adequate justification. • Sun 2011 Jun 12, 10:10am

A North Carolina-based bus company was ordered Saturday to cease operations because government inspectors say the company hires drivers who don't have the required licenses or who aren't medically examined and qualified. It was the third company ordered to shut down within a few days in a string of inspections that follows the deaths of four people in a wreck involving a bus owned by another North Carolina company.... The FMCSA earlier ordered Sky Express Inc. of Charlotte to shut down after an accident on May 31 in Virginia that killed four passengers and injured dozens of others. Within days, the government had to order the company to shut down again after investigators discovered the carrier was repainting its buses and continuing to sell tickets ... Also Saturday, the government ordered Haines Tours of Gladwin, Mich., to cease commercial bus operations after passengers were found in a luggage compartment with mattresses and pillows during a trip to Ohio. And on Thursday, regulators shut down Georgia-based JCT Motor Coach Inc. for the second time since 2009, saying the company changed its name to avoid a previous order to cease operations because of safety violations..... • Sat 2011 Jun 11, 5:45pm

PlaneA man aged 76 and two members of his family were arrested after a 'vicious' punch-up on a plane that took cabin crew 30 minutes to break up. Derek Edmond, his daughter Zoe King and her husband Martin were on a Virgin Atlantic flight from Gatwick to Barbados when a Danish family sitting nearby accused them of being too noisy. Police said Mrs King, 46, was celebrating her birthday and she and her family had been drinking for much of the eight-hour flight.