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adimadi1, YouTube • Wed 2016 Apr 13, 12:30pm

f-15 landing safely with one wing!!! only in israel the best pilots in the world.
it hapeened 26 yr ago but only now it can be shown

Video: 6:05
Oleksiy Mishchenko, YouTube • Mon 2016 Mar 7, 8:25pm

…Suddenly, I spotted a white ostrich on my left, then this beast jumped on the road from the right and started chasing my friends! It was a little scary at first, but then I thought I gonna fell of my bike from laughter. The ostrich didn't have any problem to keep up at 50km/h and apparently they do 70km/h with no sweat.…

The ostrich just got into it. Video: 1:19
Blazing Cat Fur • Thu 2016 Jan 7, 10:37pm

A Chinese drone maker has revealed a giant quadcopter big enough to fit a passenger.…

NewsOn6 • Wed 2015 Dec 16, 5:56pm

…an officer responding to a Tulsa shooting scene hit a deer with his SUV.… officer swerved to miss the eight-point buck but still struck it. The collision killed the deer. … officer was not injured…

Margaret Rhodes, Wired • Tue 2015 Nov 3, 4:15pm

When Tommaso Gecchelin envisions the future of urban transportation, he, like many people, imagines a system of driverless electric cars. But in Gecchelin’s vision, the system is modular. Its boxy vehicles are flat-sided, identically sized, and can link up and disconnect on the fly. …

Hmm. This looks exactly like what I predicted in the Modular Compartments panel of the Getting From Here to There series! Hmmm.
Blazing Cat Fur • Mon 2015 Oct 12, 8:10pm

“Worst car ever built,” is a phrase that gets flung around with the careless impunity of a toddler with a bag of superballs. Whatever you’ve once called the “worst car” is wrong. …

[Video, 4:06, Jalopnik, YouTube]
Dianny, Patriot Retort • Sat 2015 Oct 10, 8:09pm

…more than eight thousand awesome, never-before seen pictures of the Apollo missions to the moon.…

Bluebird of Bitterness • Fri 2015 Oct 2, 1:41pm
Funny selection of arbor attacks on vehicles.
Sean Doogan, Alaska Dispatch • Fri 2015 Oct 2, 12:28pm

Video: Woman thanks Alaska bear for not eating kayak; bear promptly eats kayak

NewsOK • Thu 2015 Oct 1, 5:07pm

…A Garvin County sheriff deputy's vehicle was nearly swallowed by a swarm of bees from an overturned rig Tuesday afternoon. Deputy Carl Zink suffered only one bee sting during the incident…

Amazing photo
Martin Chilton, Telegraph UK • Tue 2015 Sep 29, 3:39pm

…The Beatles song [Across the Universe] is travelling across the universe at a speed of 186,000 miles per second to reach North Star, Polaris, which is 431 light years away from Earth. …

Sarah Knapton, Telegraph UK • Tue 2015 Aug 18, 7:50am

Astronauts would ascend 12 miles into the stratosphere before taking off under new plans to build a space lift… “From the top of the tower, space planes will launch in a single stage to orbit, returning to the top of the tower for refuelling and reflight.” …

"Inflatable." What could go wrong?
Francis W. Porretto, Liberty's Torch • Sat 2015 Aug 1, 4:39pm

……ejecting matter in the opposite direction? A drive that ignores the sacred Law of Conservation of Momentum? Hey, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…

Andy Greenberg, Wired • Fri 2015 Jul 24, 7:19pm

…Though I hadn’t touched the dashboard, the vents in the Jeep Cherokee started blasting cold air at the maximum setting, chilling the sweat on my back through the in-seat climate control system. Next the radio switched to the local hip hop station and began blaring Skee-lo at full volume. I spun the control knob left and hit the power button, to no avail. Then the windshield wipers turned on, and wiper fluid blurred the glass.

As I tried to cope with all this, a picture of the two hackers performing these stunts appeared on the car’s digital display: Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, wearing their trademark track suits. A nice touch, I thought.…

Cat Excited
TVNZ • Tue 2015 Jun 23, 6:33pm

Two people in an open-cockpit glider were surprised when they noticed a four-legged friend had joined their trip.

NewsOK / AP • Tue 2015 Jun 23, 6:06pm

An Oklahoma woman is facing a manslaughter charge after police say she killed a man driving a 1920 Model A car.…

Meteor? • Mon 2015 Jun 15, 9:18am

The European Space Agency says the comet lander Philae has come back to life after hibernating for seven months. It is the first communication with the probe since it landed in November.…

Meghan Keneally and Josh Margolin, ABC News • Mon 2015 May 25, 12:29pm

…multiple, unconfirmed threats to multiple airplanes bound for different airports.…

Fox News • Mon 2015 May 25, 12:02pm

Monday, U.S. fighter jets escorted an Air France jet to New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport after an anonymous threat… [landed]] at a secure location at the New York airport. Details of the reported threat were not immediately clear.

Joseph A. Gambardello and Anthony R. Wood, Philly Inquirer • Fri 2015 May 15, 8:53am

Right before its fatal derailment on Tuesday night, Amtrak Train 188 accelerated significantly as it approached the Frankford Junction curve… In barely a minute, its speed jumped from 70 m.p.h. to 102 m.p.h. three seconds before the crash…

Wills Robinson & Lydia Warren, Daily Mail UK • Thu 2015 May 14, 12:34pm

Brandon Bostian, 32, was driving the New York-bound train when it came off the tracks in Philadelphia on Tuesday night, killing seven …Memphis, Tennessee-native has been an Amtrak engineer since 2009 …attorney said he had no memory of the deadly crash… about a dozen people are still unaccounted for… NTSB has confirmed the train was speeding before it came off tracks…

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit • Tue 2015 May 12, 10:40pm

An Amtrak passenger train crashed in Philadelphia tonight. Several people are reportedly trapped in Amtrak 188. …

CBSDFW • Fri 2015 May 8, 9:02am

A freight train derailed near Valley View in Cooke County early Friday, leaving four railroad workers injured. … The BNSF train consisted of four locomotives and 13 cars. Two of those locomotives crashed into an extension of Lake Ray Roberts. … happened at the height of powerful storms that moved through North Texas on Thursday night and Friday morning. Officials believe that the severe weather is likely to blame for the derailment.

Jim Harper, Wash Examiner • Sun 2015 Apr 19, 6:54pm

…Surveillance cameras are catalyzing this conversation about "privacy in public," but the root of the problem is the lowly license plate. It's an administrative tool from a bygone technological era that has new consequences in the digital age — new, strongly negative consequences for privacy.…

Traffic Cone
Mike Erwin, Examiner-Enterprise • Sun 2015 Mar 29, 7:10pm

…possibly the most massive single road project in Oklahoma history. …three million cubic yards of dirt is going to be moved during the five-mile realignment effort that started a year ago just to the west of Osage Hills State Park. The $37 million project will level and straighten the dangerous two-lane stretch, in addition to adding much-needed shoulders. … Replacement of three 80-year-old bridges — which transportation recently called “some of the worst bridges we have in the state” — is also being accomplished….

AFP / Yahoo • Wed 2015 Mar 25, 8:18pm

An unmanned spacecraft will fly to a nearby asteroid, deploy a robotic arm to take a boulder from its surface, and then make a multi-year journey to put the boulder in orbit around the moon

Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna • Tue 2015 Mar 24, 7:03pm

…Taking all of that into consideration together with the statement from the moderator of the A320 Pilots Association that the cause was almost certainly ‘pilot incapacitation’, and the presence of at least two Turks on the passenger list, the most pressing explanation is the one I suspect we will hear last from the Islamophiles that rule us. …

Big Fur Hat, I Own the World Report • Wed 2015 Mar 18, 4:56pm

…one of only three built by pioneering industrial designer Brooks Stevens… same guy who built the Weinermobile…

[Interior pictures - beautiful vehicle!]

Marcia Dunn, AP • Sat 2015 Mar 14, 10:04am

NASA launched four identical spacecraft Thursday on a billion-dollar mission to study the explosive give-and-take of the Earth and sun's magnetic fields.

…quartet of observatories is being placed into an oblong orbit stretching tens of thousands of miles into the magnetosphere - nearly halfway to the moon at one point. They will fly in pyramid formation, between 6 miles and 250 miles apart, to provide 3-D views of magnetic reconnection on the smallest of scales.

Magnetic reconnection is what happens when magnetic fields like those around Earth and the sun come together, break apart, then come together again, releasing vast energy. This repeated process drives the aurora, as well as solar storms that can disrupt communications and power on Earth. …

Rachelle Blidner , New York Daily News • Thu 2015 Mar 12, 7:16pm

"A deaf 8-year-old boy went on an overnight joyride through Oklahoma City, driving 20 miles before crashing into a curb on the other side of the city Thursday…"

[He couldn't hear the sirens?]