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Apple will ban from its online store future applications that inform users of checkpoints not publicized by police. The move comes three months after four Democratic U.S. senators — Charles Schumer of New York, Harry Reid of Nevada, Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey and Tom Udall of New Mexico — asked three smartphone manufacturers to quit selling such downloadable apps or to remove the DUI checkpoint function.... • Sat 2011 Jun 11, 5:37pm

PlaneA German passenger stripped naked on an Iberia flight from Madrid to Frankfurt, forcing the pilot to turn the plane around so the man could be arrested • Fri 2011 Jun 10, 9:02am

The family was going through security when two TSA agents singled Drew Mandy out for a special pat down. Drew is severely mentally disabled. He's 29, but his parents said he has the mental capacity of a two-year-old, which made the experience that followed at metro Detroit's McNamera Terminal that much harder to deal with. "You have got to be kidding me. I honestly felt that those two agents did not know what they were doing," • Tue 2011 Jun 7, 5:01pm

During their £10,000, two-and-a-half month "Alaska Adventure" tour from the Arctic to the Caribbean, the passengers on the luxury P&O liner Arcadia had become more than accustomed to passing US immigration with little formality. By the time they docked at Los Angeles on May 26, for a one-day visit it was their 10th stop on US soil. But when a handful of them questioned whether the lengthy security checks at the port were strictly necessary for a group of largely elderly travellers officials were not amused. Although they had already been given advance clearance for multiple entries to the country during their trip, all 2,000 passengers were made to go through full security checks in a process which took seven hours to complete. The fingerprints of both hands were taken as well as retina scans and a detailed check of the passport as well as questioning as to their background. Passengers claim that the extra checks were carried out in "revenge" for what had been a minor spat over allegedly overzealous security. • Sun 2011 Jun 5, 11:50am

Days after a top TSA official conceded that the agency would be forced to reconsider its policies in the aftermath of a nationwide backlash against invasive screening procedures, the agency was dealt another two huge blows yesterday with the news that the TSA budget would be slashed by $270 million, in addition to the return of a bill in Texas that would make grope-downs a felony. • Sun 2011 Jun 5, 11:48am

After a woman refused to go through a full body scanner she was pulled aside and made to undergo the pat down procedure. When the TSA agent touched the woman's breasts, she broke down into tears and screamed for a police officer. ... The family was previously subjected to similar scrutiny from the TSA at Sky Harbor earlier in the year, prompting them to voice protest over violation of their Constitutional rights. The previous incident was also captured on video (below) and was evidently remembered by some of the TSA workers who claimed to know that the whole family are routine troublemakers&hellip. [video] • Sat 2011 Jun 4, 3:25pm

An 11-year-old girl died after falling from the Ferris Wheel at Morey's Mariner's Landing Pier on Friday. She was on a field trip with her school.... about half-way up.... about as high as a five-story building.... • Sat 2011 Jun 4, 3:25pm

Ruskin, Florida -- Two people have been arrested for trying to steal parts of a Ruskin railroad track. • Sat 2011 Jun 4, 3:24pm

Taunton — A CSX railroad engine en route to a delivery in Taunton's Myles Standish Industrial Park derailed Wednesday afternoon after thieves cut away two 8-foot sections of solid steel track... No one was injured.... • Sat 2011 Jun 4, 3:15pm

On his way home Tuesday from Jim Plain Elementary School in Leander, fourth-grader Marshall May, sitting in the passenger seat of the family minivan, was ticketed for not wearing his seat belt properly. Problem is, Texas law says a person must be at least 15 years old to commit such an offense. ... "He made me sign my signature, but I don't have a signature because I'm 10 years old." ... Marshall was in the passenger seat when he decided to stick his head out the window for some air, he said. As he stretched, the seat belt slipped up toward his neck and shoulder area, he said. That's when the police officer pulled over the minivan.... • Thu 2011 Jun 2, 4:54pm

The Maryland Transit Administration says more training may be called for after three MTA officers detained a man for taking pictures at a light rail station. • Thu 2011 Jun 2, 4:53pm

An aspiring doctor was killed in a horrific subway accident yesterday when she passed out on a sweltering Upper East Side platform and fell onto the tracks -- realizing what happened too late to escape an uptown train bearing down on her. • Mon 2011 May 30, 6:32am

The bus was filled with soccer fans coming home after watching a match in Seattle.... bus driver tried to change lanes to avoid a disabled pickup truck in the right lane... a passenger car was in the left lane... both the bus and the car then swerved to avoid each other, rolling in the process... Two people in the bus died... 21 injured... • Sat 2011 May 28, 7:35pm

PlaneThe pilot of a Delta jet that blew a tire and then caught fire as it landed in Atlanta today is being credited with getting the plane through it with no serious injuries to any of the passengers on board. • Fri 2011 May 27, 5:20pm

Utah looks likely to be the next state to follow the example set by Texas in attempting to make TSA grope downs a felony. Rep. Carl Wimmer, R-Herriman has introduced a bill into the Utah House of Representatives that would ensure TSA agents would have to abide by the same Fourth Amendment limits that police do when performing searches on Americans. • Fri 2011 May 27, 5:19pm

Two injured US military veterans traveling to a ceremony to honor the lives of fallen friends who gave their lives to protect the rights enshrined in the Constitution were harassed by TSA thugs, with one of them having his crotch grabbed... The TSA agents responded to the men having set off metal detectors by interrogating them about what they were hiding in their bodies. "What are you hiding in your face?" screamed one. "My friend told me that one TSA agent came up to him and asked what he was hiding in his leg, but before my friend could answer he said that the TSA agent grabbed him, without notice, right in the crotch area as if trying to find something hidden," writes Bellow. When the TSA goon grabbed his crotch and didn't let go, the veteran felt inclined to lash out violently but was somehow able to control his fury.... But it's not just airports that are being manned by this cadre of cretins — sports stadiums, prom nights, highways, bus terminals and train stations are all being patrolled by this literal occupying army that is turning America into a checkpoint-festooned police state.... • Fri 2011 May 27, 5:14pm

PlaneIn a passage likely to attract particular scrutiny, the BEA said the pilot "maintained" the nose-up command despite fresh stall warnings 46 seconds into the four-minute emergency. "The inputs made by the pilot flying were mainly nose-up," the report added. The Airbus jet climbed 3,000 feet to 38,000 feet despite the crew having decided earlier against a climb, and then began a dramatic descent, with the youngest pilot handing control to the second most senior pilot a minute before impact. The captain returned after "several attempts" to call him back to the cockpit but was not at the controls in the final moments, according to information gleaned from black boxes. By the time the 58-year-old returned, just over a minute into the emergency, the aircraft was in serious trouble: plunging at 10,000 feet a minute with its nose pointing up 15 degrees and at too high an angle to the air to recapture lift. • Fri 2011 May 27, 4:55pm

PlaneAviation industry sources told Reuters pilots appeared to have acted contrary to normal procedures in raising, rather than lowering, its nose in response to an alert that the plane was about to lose lift or, in technical parlance, 'stall'. But they said information from black boxes hauled up from the Atlantic floor earlier this month was still incomplete. The 2009 emergency began with a stall warning two and a half hours into the Rio-Paris flight and nine minutes after the captain had left the cockpit for a rest period. Shortly before, a junior pilot had told flight attendants to prepare for a "little bit of turbulence" • Fri 2011 May 27, 10:11am

"By next month, every driver in the U.S. will be required to have a black box in their vehicle... in order to monitor driving habits..." Somehow, I completely missed this one sneaking up on us in the rear-view mirror. It's one thing to have a crash monitor, but with just the addition of transmitters -- and you know, if they aren't there already they soon will be -- any cop (or robocop automated traffic monitoring device) will be able to look inside your car and pull out everywhere you've been, every turn you took, whether you unbuckled your seat belt for a moment, and anything about your body that can be remotely monitored. If laws were reasonable, this would be offensively invasive. Since cops have increasingly become "[you name it] warriors" instead of peace officers, traffic cops are increasingly required (and some delight) to be unforgiving, and citizens are increasingly seen as "revenue enhancement" sources, this is FRIGHTENING TYRANNY. • Wed 2011 May 25, 6:55pm

Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.), a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, said TSA is too politically correct when it chooses which passengers to search at airport security checkpoints. ... "I walked through … right behind me there was a grandmother — little old lady, and she was was patted down," Broun said on C-SPAN's "Washington Journal." "Right behind her was a little kid who was patted down. And then right behind him was a guy in Arabian dress who just walked right through. Why are we patting down grandma and kids?" ... Broun did not specify any other reasons the man looked suspicious other than his dress. [Ummmm.... the point is the CONTRAST of Gramma with Osamma.] • Wed 2011 May 25, 6:52pm

A boisterous group of protesters angry over the Texas Senate's failure to vote on the airport groping bill tried to enter the public gallery this afternoon and were blocked by state troopers. Shouting "treason" and "cowards" and carrying signs and placards, the group of perhaps as many as 100 people entered the State Capitol shortly after 3 p.m. and first went to the House chamber. There, House members quickly informed the shouting group that it was the Senate that had failed to take action late Tuesday on House Bill 1937, which would have made it a crime for security checkpoint screeners to handle the private parts of anyone they screened. The group then marched to the Senate side of the Capitol and tried to enter the third-floor public gallery. Troopers with arms folded blocked them from entry. They stood outside for several minutes, chanting: "Co-wards, co-wards," Trea-son, trea-son," and shouted slogans accusing senators and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst of being "federal pimps" and "scallawag trash." They vowed to vote out of office Dewhurst and the senators who opposed passage of the bill. After shouting chants for about 30 minutes, the group left and troopers reopened the gallery doors. The activists then went to other parts of the Capitol to continue their protest. • Tue 2011 May 24, 9:34pm

Engineers at Ford have developed a prototype car seat that uses electrocardiograph (ECG) technology to monitor the heart's electrical impulses and detect signs of irregularity, resulting in an early warning that a driver should seek medical assistance, such as for a heart attack, high blood pressure, electrolyte imbalances or other cardiovascular issue. • Tue 2011 May 24, 9:31pm

A long commute to work might further job prospects and put more money in the bank but it could also increase the risk for divorce by 40 percent • Thu 2011 May 19, 4:40pm

Within seconds, TSA officials notified police that the bomb was fake and the incident was merely a drill to test the response of screeners and the communication system. For security reasons, Hogan declined to say how many officers responded to the incident. • Wed 2011 May 18, 9:18pm

Southwest Airlines has apologized to a mother and daughter... were told by a gate agent they each had to purchase two seats. "And said that we were, in fact, too fat to fly, without an additional ticket," • Wed 2011 May 18, 9:06pm

Nearly two dozen men were injured in an elevator accident Wednesday morning in Chelsea. It happened around 7 a.m. at the Bed, Bath and Beyond on 6th Avenue near 18th Street. Authorities said a freight elevator dropped three floors to the ground when cables supporting the elevator snapped. • Tue 2011 May 17, 7:06pm

PlaneThirty-four-year-old Reynel Alcaide of Burbank, Illinois, faces federal charges, including interfering with a flight crew, for the incident on May 8. Alcaide was on a Continental Airlines flight from Houston to Chicago when he allegedly tried to open the jet door. The flight was diverted to St. Louis. • Tue 2011 May 17, 6:55am

PlaneSINGAPORE — Terrified passengers aboard a blazing jetliner prayed together before the plane made an emergency landing on Monday... landed back in Singapore "without incident" just before 2 a.m. It said the crew shut down the engine after receiving a "stall warning.".. • Tue 2011 May 17, 6:47am

some scientists with expertise in imaging and cancer... question why the TSA won't make the scanners available for independent testing by outside scientists.... • Tue 2011 May 17, 6:45am

PlaneFrance's BEA air crash investigation agency said yesterday it had managed to transfer all the information stored in the devices hauled from the seabed two weeks ago, almost two years after the Airbus A330 vanished.