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LOUISVILLE, Ky - One child is dead and more than 20 hurt after a school bus crash... bus swerved to miss a deer in the road, then overturned in a ditch... the 29 children aboard were returning from a field trip to Paducah... • Mon 2011 May 16, 11:07pm

Earthquake"The new paradigm is $10,000. Anything under $10,000 is considered an inexpensive car." Low supply and high demand, a flat economy and a rush to trade in larger vehicles that consume a lot of gas for smaller ones are all reasons for the shortage of used cars, several local dealers said. ... The nation's Cash for Clunkers program took almost 1 million vehicles off the road. People who got $3,500 for the cars they turned in would probably get $5,000 to $7,000 for the same trade today ... The Cash for Clunkers program was an example of government shortsightedness, which contributed to the lack of used cars on the market today, Lookingbill said. The 800,000 vehicles that were junked through the clunkers program would have been sold three to five times for a total of 3 million sales, Lookingbill said. The number of available older cars on the market used to peak at about 20 million, but the number is nowhere near that today ... • Sat 2011 May 14, 8:01am

FlyerTalk members are outraged not so much because the baby food and juice box were taken away from their rightful owners, but rather that if they indeed tested positive for trace amounts of explosive materials, why was further testing not performed by the Transportation Security Administration personnel — or, at least, treat the items as if they were indeed dangerous? • Tue 2011 May 10, 8:41pm

A crazed naked man seen menacing New York City subway passengers on a scary new viral video was handcuffed and transported to a Bronx hospital last week, but not charged in connection with the bizarre incident • Tue 2011 May 10, 8:41pm

Swiss adventurer, Yves Rossy, has finally completed his flight over the Grand Canyon in a custom-made jet suit after being forced to cancel last week due to red tape. • Tue 2011 May 10, 12:35pm

Does it really come as a surprise to anyone that al-Qaeda targets train and subway systems? As far back as seven years ago, AQ killed almost 200 people in Madrid, and the next year killed dozens in London by attacking public rail systems. Now, however, Senator Chuck Schumer wants Homeland Security to step up screening at rail stations with a "do not ride" list after discovering that Osama bin Laden had planned to attack our train systems.... • Mon 2011 May 9, 1:34pm

Four people were arrested after a suspicious incident at Denver International Airport.... Airport personnel noticed someone videotaping the security lines. Police then confronted the person with the camera and the three people in line who were being taped. Two of those people did not have IDs or boarding passes. Police arrested the man with the camera and the three people in line. Police say they don't know what the group was doing. They were arrested on suspicion of interfering with a transportation facility.... • Mon 2011 May 9, 1:32pm

DALLAS — The Mockingbird DART station and the surrounding area, including the Angelika Theater, were evacuated Saturday after a police dog alerted authorities to a passenger onboard with two suspicious packages.... Riders traveling through downtown stations reportedly expressed alarm after a man asked them for help carrying a duffel bag and a large box..... determined the packages were not a threat.... "He was actually trying to pay people to help him get packages on and off the train...." • Mon 2011 May 9, 1:30pm

PlaneA friend of three of the passengers on Flight 1706 told WWJ that the plane was evacuated after a threatening note was found in the bathroom. ... "The first time the captain came on, he said that there was a threat. The next time he came on to give us more details he said that there had been a note left in one of the lavatories...." • Mon 2011 May 9, 1:27pm

PlaneAt the time of his arrest, Almurisi was in possession of a Yemeni passport as well as a California identification card • Mon 2011 May 9, 1:26pm

PlaneSAN FRANCISCO - Crew members and passengers wrestled a 28-year-old man to the cabin floor after he began pounding on the cockpit as an American Airlines flight approached San Francisco.... yelling unintelligibly... 28-year-old Rageit Almurisi. He carried a Yemen passport, but it wasn't clear if his nationality was also Yemeni... no clear or known ties to terrorism.... A Continental Airlines flight from Houston to Chicago diverted in St. Louis after a 34-year-old man from Illinois tried to open a plane door during the flight... a Delta Air Lines flight from Detroit to San Diego was landed instead in Albuquerque, New Mexico, because of a security scare but authorities found "no suspicious devices" on the plane ... declined to clarify the nature of the "potential security threat" ... • Mon 2011 May 9, 1:22pm

Two terrifying rail security breaches occurred within hours of each other in the city yesterday -- including one at the World Trade Center, where a man slipped into the PATH tunnel and walked all the way to Jersey before saying he had left a bomb in the tunnel. That scare -- and an unrelated escapade involving four "urban explorers" infiltrating the under-construction Second Avenue Subway tunnel -- come just days after the feds warned that al Qaeda could be targeting US trains. • Sat 2011 May 7, 11:28am

PlaneTwo Muslim religious leaders say they were asked to leave a commercial airliner in Memphis on Friday and were told it was because the pilot refused to fly with them aboard. [There's more to the story] • Sat 2011 May 7, 7:15am

A Swiss adventurer dubbed "JetMan" told a TV station in Los Angeles that his planned flight over the Grand Canyon was canceled Friday. It would have been the first time he made the attempt in the U.S. and three years after he flew into the record books by crossing the Channel between Britain and France. • Thu 2011 May 5, 3:41pm

The Obama administration has floated a transportation authorization bill that would require the study and implementation of a plan to tax automobile drivers based on how many miles they drive. • Mon 2011 May 2, 3:05pm

PlaneA black box flight recorder from an Air France plane that crashed off the coast of Brazil in 2009, killing 228 people, has been recovered by a deep-sea search team, reviving hopes of understanding what caused the crash. French investigators said one of the plane's two data recorders had been located by a robot submarine about 3,900 metres (12,800ft) below the Atlantic ocean's surface. • Wed 2011 Apr 13, 8:27am

PlaneSearch teams have found the tail section of Air France Flight 447, two years after the jet plunged into the Atlantic Ocean, victims' families say. • Wed 2011 Apr 13, 8:10am

The girl's father, Todd Drexel, says Anna was confused by the search and started crying afterward because she thought she'd done something wrong. Selena Drexel says such searches are inappropriate for children because they're usually told not to let adults touch them in sensitive areas. • Tue 2011 Apr 12, 1:22pm

A superjumbo jet taxiing out to the runway clipped the tail of another plane at New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport on Monday night, spinning it like a toy. • Mon 2011 Apr 11, 6:22pm

The speed limit on some highways in Texas may be raised to 85 mph, the highest in the nation, under legislation the Texas House approved Wednesday. The measure passed on a voice vote was part of a larger transportation bill. It would authorize the Texas Department of Transportation to raise the speed limit on designated lanes or entire stretches of roads after doing engineering and traffic studies, • Sat 2011 Apr 9, 7:25pm

CrowAn Alaska Airlines flight Saturday from Sacramento to Hawaii returned to Sacramento safely after suffering engine trouble from a bird strike... • Sat 2011 Apr 9, 7:24pm

Authorities say a small plane carrying four people has crashed into a storage facility in Ventura County.... caught fire after going down... Three... with minor injuries. One... in serious condition.... • Thu 2011 Apr 7, 9:32am

Okla FlagI didnt see it happen but drove by immediately after.. the dump truck was in the right lane stopped and she hit it head-on. She would have had to drive out of her lane, over the center turn lane, over the north bound left lane, and into the northbound right lane to hit this dump truck. • Thu 2011 Apr 7, 9:30am

Okla FlagA woman and a young boy were killed Monday in a head-on collision... drifted left of center and struck the sanitation truck... [mother] and the boy dead at the scene. A 7-year-old girl was admitted in critical condition to St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa • Tue 2011 Apr 5, 9:21pm

The debris is from a Chinese satellite that was deliberately destroyed in 2007 as part of a weapons test. It's projected to pass within a couple miles of the space station. It's possible the risk of a collision will diminish. If that happens, the three station residents won't have to close themselves off in the Soyuz spacecraft. • Tue 2011 Apr 5, 9:19pm

Billionaire adventurer Richard Branson on Tuesday unveiled a new single-person submarine that he said will be used to set new world records by exploring the five deepest parts of the world's oceans. • Tue 2011 Apr 5, 7:14am

PlaneA United Airlines flight that left Louis Armstrong International Airport Monday morning was forced to turn around and make an emergency landing minutes after takeoff when smoke was reported in the cockpit... Passengers reported an unusual amount of turbulence that never subsided.... • Mon 2011 Apr 4, 8:15am

Southwest Airlines could cancel 300 flights on Sunday as it continues to inspect 79 aircraft from its Boeing 737 fleet, after one of its planes with a gaping hole in the fuselage made an emergency landing, a company spokeswoman said. • Mon 2011 Apr 4, 8:15am

PlaneFederal officials said it was a "fuselage rupture" -- a large hole on the top of the Boeing 737 -- that led to a drop in cabin pressure and a terrifying descent from 36,000 feet to an emergency landing at a military base in the Arizona desert. No serious injuries were reported among the 118 aboard, according to Southwest Airlines, and the FBI said it was a "mechanical failure," not an act of terror or other foul play. The cause of the hole was not immediately known. • Sat 2011 Apr 2, 7:01am

PlaneDAYTON — Pilots on an American Airlines flight headed to Chicago declared an emergency then landed in Dayton after several of the 140 people aboard complained of illnesses Friday morning.