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I see you already got the Hicklegrickle threat, Pete. Surprised you didn't get this one (or did you?):

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Subjects: monkeys, citizenship

"If you shoot all the monkeys who will fling all the poo?"
- Navycopjoe

We''ll always have Democrats.

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There's some vid of monkeys kidnapping wild puppies and adopting them. The gregariousness of the two species, beyond the symbiotic aspects, definitely reflects the human-canine associations.

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" I think you'll need to go to a physical library - but I did find what paper it was in: New York Sun June 3 1894"

I luvz this place!

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The arch
Love's Lost and Found

Travel music for broken-hearted midwesterners

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Subjects: love, love lost, unhappiness, broken heart, monkeys