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Dem Wind
Radical Incline
Renewable Energy

Progressive energy policy under the leadership of the smarter than us elite.

Illustration, Remix added 2018 Dec 7 energy, airplane, Progressives Playbook
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Dan Rather
Radical Incline
Rather Accurate

Dan "Blind Pig" Rather stumbles into the truth, but just not how he means.

Radical Incline
Feature, Not Bug

One can see right through the thin veneer of the Non-Player Character.

Photo, Remix added 2018 Dec 5 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, NPC
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Fleeing child
Radical Incline
Propaganda Props

Psychological Human Trafficking, #FakeNews Ahead

Scared baby
Radical Incline
lowered expectations

Modern snowflake 'journalists' have sadz because IT'S JUST LIKE YELLING!!

Illustration added 2018 Nov 20 education, LaughingStock Media
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Demon Emoji
Radical Incline
Ojos Locos

The eyes are the windows to the soul, or the lack thereof.

Photo, Remix added 2018 Nov 19 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, glowing eyes
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Voldemort grins
Short & Tall Tales
Old Tom Riddle

Secret life of Voldemort - a match made somewhere other than Heaven!

Animagraphic, Remix added 2018 Nov 17 Harry Potter, Miley Cyrus, silliness
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Radical Incline

When putsch comes to shove, Concernedty McConcernface knows how to spin it.

Illustration, Remix added 2018 Nov 8 Republicans and Democrats, LaughingStock Media, parody
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Confused Ape
Radical Incline
Day Saving Time

The Dems have a plan to replace Daylight Saving Time.

Text added 2018 Nov 3 Daylight Saving Time
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Hillary after
Radical Incline
Democrat Party Bus 2018

When the Democrat Party Bus takes too hard a left turn.

Animagraphic, Remix added 2018 Oct 25 politics, Hillary Clinton
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Radical Incline
Four Horsefaces

Apocalyptic Equines of 2018, Democrat special edition.

Trump, applauding
Radical Incline
Twitter Recommends...

Twitter don't know me very well, do they, going by their recommendations.

Illustration added 2018 Aug 27 Donald Trump, online communication
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Cuomo in Surreal Horror
Radical Incline
Rodman Horrifies Cuomo

Great Freezeframe which screams volumes about the political great divide.

Photo, Remix added 2018 Jun 12 North Korea, Donald Trump, LaughingStock Media
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Jake Blues pleading
Best of Spirits
Pits of Perpetual Perdition and the Pope

Vatican issues a correction

Text added 2018 Mar 30 afterlife, humor, organized religion
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Cap Gun
The Art of
The Smell of Nostalgia

Bang! Bang! And the bad guys go down!

Text added 2018 Mar 30 nostalgia, toys
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Best of Spirits
Even If It Kills You

Good Friday ruminations on belief and faith

Text added 2018 Mar 30 faith, belief, Jesus
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Radical Incline
Proboscus Protrudus

Clinton has lost that magic charm over the years. Can't lie with a straight face anymore, and that's his skill set.

Text, Illustration added 2018 Jan 15 Bill Clinton
Roundabout sign
Short & Tall Tales
Intersectional Realities

One random thought intersecting another.

Text added 2018 Jan 9 language, Progressives Playbook, humor
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Trepidatious young thing
Radical Incline
Oprah Didn't Know

Let's just forget the past, shall we? It's not like it shows character or anything. What did the TV show host know, and when did she quit knowing it? [UPDATED]

Text, Illustration added 2018 Jan 8 celebrity, Progressives Playbook
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Gimli, last day
Best of Spirits
Gimli's Gone

I open the car door, and there's no dog to jump into his "rolling doghouse" anymore.

Text added 2017 Nov 5 Gimli
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