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Christopher Taylor: ...My favorite "do they even know what they are singing?" moment...

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Subjects: irony, Lawrence Welk, singing

GOP and Dem leaders hold hands and sing?

[gurgle * choke]

Makes one look back fondly on Thong Thursday!!

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Subjects: Republicans and Democrats, singing, horror

Son just called to warn me streets & highway are sheets of ice. Said when he put his car into park, it slid four feet backward down a slight incline.

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Subjects: singing, Winter

People didn't just break out in song for no fucking reason complete with orchestral accompaniment.
Posted by: Plaintiff Pug

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Subjects: dance, Life, music, singing

I don't know the song.

My daughter's sitting here singing it, though.

I might just not know it from how it's being portrayed.

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Subjects: singing
Reeling and Singing
He looks like maybe he's had a few drinks.
Cartoon added on 2013 Jan 22
Subjects: singing, dance, figures
Mama Singing Her Twin Babies to Sleep
No sweeter sound in the universe.
Illustration added on 1997 Apr 19
Subjects: portrait, mother, family, babies, children, singing
A silly song to sing with kids. Verses repeat, with counting... so it could be extended infinitely!
Verse, Audio, MIDI added on 1997 Mar 17
Subjects: children, counting, singing, fun