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Short and tall media tales found around the web, most recent on top.
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Babies who don't fight fair 2013 Nov 27
Also crows, babboons, turkeys, and snowmen.
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Bouncing Elk 2013 Nov 18
And more sorta strange things in the world.
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Don't Feed the Trolls. Hunt them! 2013 Nov 4
Not much bounty or meat, but good for the environment.
Subjects: cats, dogs, explosion
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Spooky Tales and Scary Bits 2013 Oct 31
Things that go SLAM! in the night!
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Magnetic Pickles 2013 Oct 26
And the Time-Traveling Chameleon
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Why Be Sensible! 2013 Oct 17
Go ahead! Go down in the basement!
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Existential Time Travelers 2013 Oct 14
And other twisted tales.
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The Inside-Out Universe 2013 Oct 7
Nazis versus the Giant Insects of Alpha Centauri
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Hacking the Pumpkin 2013 Oct 7
And the Montgolfier Brothers might be surprised.
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Hobbits in Space 2013 Oct 2
Plus, Rubic's-Running Robot
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Mickey Mouse Animal Abuse Music Video 2013 Sep 30
Nudity, drunkenness, suicide, and other amusements.
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