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First thing this morning, I had a fascinating lesson in random chaotic particle distribution.

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Subjects: coffee, explosion, gravity

Drudge headline I figure Morons will enjoy:

Town awaits explosion of rotting whale washed up on shore

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Subjects: explosion, whale

CDR M, I just watched the Russian 'splodey video and before I read one more thing, I had to rush down and say...


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Subjects: explosion
Don't look back.
Illustration added on 2013 Nov 18
Subjects: city, explosion, abstract
Radical Incline

Explosion displayed frame-by-frame, side-by-side of before and after at the end.

Video, Remix added on 2013 Apr 18
Subjects: explosion, West TX, accident
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Okay, pretty quickly deduced that wasn't the real. Kinda cool blowing-stuff-up video, though, we watched it all the way through. Figured, 6 miles away?

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Subjects: explosion, language
Pastel explosion

Center-balanced abstract, 7-point symmetry.

Illustration added on 1997 Dec 1
Subjects: yantra, mandala, meditation, pastel, explosion