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Old man in hat
Short & Tall Tales

When all else fails, have another cup before try, trying again.

Verse, Photo, Remix added on 2019 Jun 29
Subjects: fail, effort, coffee
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TangoNine: "hah... let's begin by discussing your expectations."

Read all… Subjects: added on 2014 Aug 6
Subjects: effort, reason

The real reason I wrote the program to clean up text for this crippled commentaria?

Read all… Subjects: added on 2014 Aug 6
Subjects: effort, reason

Yes, friend Fenelon, I left the http:// off the URL. Try the nick on this one. *siiigh* Value v Effort ratio dropping fast.

Read all… Subjects: added on 2014 Feb 20
Subjects: commandments, effort

Um. Sorry, I was going to hold off with my previous, somewhat o/t comment until at least after 100, as per stylebook, but fatfingers.

Well, since I'm here.

Read all… Subjects: added on 2014 Jan 31
Subjects: effort, Life, sanity, webworker

" Don't you think it's callous to dismiss something that someone put so much effort into?"

My mama allus said, value is as value does.

Read all… Subjects: added on 2013 Feb 17
Subjects: effort, online communication
Digital clock 11:59
Short & Tall Tales

If at first you don't try, how can you ever succeed or not?

Verse added on 1997 May 14
Subjects: success, effort, trial and error, belief, dreams
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Risk™ cards
Short & Tall Tales

There's a certain amount in almost everything you do.

Verse added on 1997 Mar 17
Subjects: risk, chance, fate, decisions, effort
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