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And, at the end of the treatment, she was cured. Who'd have thunk it?
: Mary Poppins' Practically Perfect Piercing

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Subjects: healing

Upper cervical maladjustment is, I've learned, quite common but rarely diagnosed and treated properly. There may be other causes for migraines, but if anyone is suffering from migraines, I'd tell them, the best first place to start looking for help would be getting checked out by a genuine, certified NUCCA practitioner.

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Subjects: health, healing, migraines, NUCCA, upper cervical adjustment, chiropracty
Kitten hanging on to rope
Radical Incline

Beating the drums for a different kind of war

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Subjects: war, peace, poverty, disease, health, healing
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Head Shop

More personal arguments for repeal! repeal! REPEAL!

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Subjects: marijuana, liberty, prohibition, healing, repeal
Jesus heals blind beggar

Some not-so-serious thinking about the reasons given in The Urantia Book why Jesus used clay and spittle to heal the blind man.

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Subjects: Urantia, Jesus, healing, clay, spittle, faith, spirituality, humor
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