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Jesus face optical illusion
Mary and Joseph (Gonna Visit)

It's not really about Mary, Joseph, or the apostles, but about someone they knew.

Verse added 1997 Mar 17 Jesus, apostles, faith, spirituality, Urantia, forgiveness
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Reel-to-reel tape recorder
Short & Tall Tales
Gravel and Mud

Talent is one thing. Skill in expressing one's talents is quite another

Verse added 1997 Mar 17 The Art of, talent, expression, songwriting, musician, creativity, noise
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Short & Tall Tales
Harder Times Again

Harder times come and go. Or are harder times always ahead?

Verse added 1997 Mar 17 problem solving, difficulties, struggle
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US Flag waving
Short & Tall Tales
The Great American Song

It's what every songsmith wishes to write. Or is it? An old quasi-political crooning.
2012 March 27: The Great American Song Video

Doc! I'm late for school!
Short & Tall Tales
Time Fleas

Oh, I hope we're not late!

Verse added 1997 Mar 17 timeliness, punctuality, fate, destiny, fatalism, humor
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Time flies
Love's Lost and Found
No Time (To Say "I Love You")

Life is too short, even if you know you're going to live forever.

Verse added 1997 Mar 17 love, relationships, devotion, eternity
question marks

Kids find so many ways to ask why. Well, why not? Adapted for tender ears.

Verse added 1997 Mar 17 why, questions, children, inquiry, searching, truth-seeking
Sing a Little Song
A silly song to sing with kids. Verses repeat, with counting... so it could be extended infinitely!
Verse, Audio, MIDI added 1997 Mar 17 children, counting, singing, fun
penguin chick
Penguin Dance

Every place we live seems so threatened by the forces of nature! Let's move someplace safe...

Verse added 1997 Mar 17 children, penguins, home, safety, humor
Our Own Two Feet
Babies grow up too fast. A simple reminder of simple days, like discovering you can find your foot.
Verse, Audio, MIDI added 1997 Mar 17 babies, children, growing up, play
Mickey Mouse waffle
Short & Tall Tales

The first meal of the day ought to be your best. But isn't always.

Verse added 1997 Mar 17 food, breakfast, coffee, humor
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Hub and Hun
Radical Incline
War of the Sexes

Dueling monologues between the male chauvanist pig and the women's libber.

2% VIM
Short & Tall Tales
2 Percent Vim

An inspired song pondering power and restraint

Verse added 1997 Mar 17 courage, philosophy, self-control, music
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No winners
Love's Lost and Found
Game of Thieves

Another song about how depressing love can be

Agondonter ('Tisn't Easy Being)

It can be hard to live in faith.

Verse added 1997 Mar 17 Urantia Papers, faith, spirituality, agondonter
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God's in Heaven

A lullabye of ultimate reassurance for the little ones and anyone else who may need it.

Verse added 1997 Mar 17 lullabye, reassurance, faith, children
Jury Duty postage stamp
Love's Lost and Found
Doo Wah Choo Gah

A short silly appeal for love and duty.

Verse added 1997 Mar 17 love, duty, relationships, humor
Forever Alone guy reading People magazine
Love's Lost and Found
Cover Lover

When lost love is found again in the public eye

Verse added 1997 Mar 17 love, love lost, relationships, fame, Forever Alone
Intersection of Love and Love
Love's Lost and Found
Choose Between Love

When love runs away with you, what can you do?

Verse added 1997 Mar 17 love, love found, decisions