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Empty Fridge
Love's Lost and Found
Hungry for my Baby Blues

How about a cuppa, sugar, for a starving artist?

Verse added 1996 Dec 3 love, abandonment, hunger, blues, food, humor
Radical Incline
Religion & Science: Conflict & Harmony

Each tends to attack the weak points of the other and dismiss the baby with the bathwater.

Text added 1996 Nov 20 religion, science, theology, faith, Jesus
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Scrooge toy
On Religious Authority

Spiritual truth cannot rely on external Authority

Text added 1996 Nov 6 Urantia, authority, spirituality, revelation, Spirit of Truth
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The Art of
Anyone Can

Universal encouragment of confident pictographic self-expression

Cartoon added 1996 May 15 comics, creativity, confidence, humor
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Intersection of Church & State
Radical Incline
Independent Religionist's Liberty

Are U.S. Constitutional religious rights refused non-aligned religionists?

Text added 1996 Apr 30 liberty, religious liberty, law, justice, human right
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Zoomin' Humans

Dad tries another lesson on sharing and giving with the toddlers.

Regarding The Urantia Book

What is this? My personal introduction, for those who don't know about the "fifth epochal revelation" to our world.

Text, Illustration added 1996 Mar 22 Urantia, God, Jesus, cosmology, theology, faith, Spirit, religion, history, origins, destiny, science
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Tip o' the ol' noggin
Best of Spirits
It's All in Your Mind

A thoughtful meditation on that organ you use so inefficiently.

Cartoon added 1996 Mar 17 mind, Spirit, soul, self, humor
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