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"Uh oh! Guess what day it is."

With trepidation, I click blindly because I have no hover text nor url reveal on this stupid, stupid cell browser. (Obviously, I needed coffee.)

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Subjects: AoSHQ, coffee, YouTube

All I did was follow some of rdbrewer's video links from the sidebar, and before I knew it, I had wandered off into the Darkest Jungles of YouTube.™ Conspiracy Theories. UFOs.

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Subjects: alien, conspiracy, Japan, YouTube

and what about everybody's heavy investment in YouTube?

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Subjects: Big Brother, YouTube
YouTube watches you
Radical Incline

In New World Order, YouTube Watches You

Text added on 2013 Jan 30
Subjects: conspiracy, Sandy Hook, YouTube, paranoia
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Had thoughts of my own along those lines, Hoot.

I make the playlists for myself, originally to download, and post a link to it here since others might (and apparently do) find 'em handy.

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Subjects: YouTube, video
Pete's icon
Radical Incline

Regarding Mindful's creating playlists of PoliNation's Pistol Pete's Pix

Text, Illustration added on 2012 Oct 31
Subjects: The Art of, YouTube
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YouTube live feed just ended in the middle of Romney's closing remarks. Hmmmm.

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Subjects: Election 2012, YouTube

This is a parody take on Leave Brittany Spears Alone, doncha know. This one is hilarious but truly painful to watch. My (over-30) daughter begged me to turn the sound down part way through.

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Subjects: Barack Obama, YouTube

The "YouTube did it" meme is out there forever. Nothing else that follows matters. The mob believes it. We will use this to silence our critics.

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Subjects: Benghazi, Glenn Beck, Impeach Obama, truth, YouTube
Jesus & Nosferatu
Best of Spirits

The battle lines are clearly drawn.

Illustration, Remix added on 2012 Apr 6
Subjects: Jesus, Nosferatu, good and evil, YouTube, film
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