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They had to count them all.
Illustration added on 2012 Sep 11
Subjects: news, rage, Beatles, 2001-9-11

Once upon a time, long, long ago in the dark ages of the world, before Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Geocities (snirk), the poor lonely little baby Interwebz could only send text. Strings of dull, boring letters, words, punctuation. Then one day, everything changed. That day was twenty years ago Wednesday (1992 July 18). That's when the first pornogr///// uh, photograph was posted to the web. Yes, there was a first photograph, and yes, we do know what it was. Kind of like having a recording of the first phone call.
"Watson, come here! I need you."
"Not now, Al, I'm eating lunch! (Why do they always call at mealtime?)"

Here's a link to that first web pic
Here's the link to the article

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Subjects: World Wide Web, history

Hope y'all had yourselves a liberty-lovin' little Independence Day! We all gathered at Mom's for her 92nd Independence Day. Baked beans, swimming, and friends and relations. God grant future generations will know what we know.

Here's a two-fer for the 4th. Andy Griffith + American History. (h/t Cuz BD

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Subjects: Independence Day, Andy Griffith, history

"Not many of these guys left." After Mrs Ww and I watched the Chicago one (I won't re-post it; YouTube zSF0S50c9c0), we were noting the same thing, the all-too-rapidly dwindling numbers, all those wheelchairs & canes, and I recalled, when we were children, there were still a few Civil War vets alive.

Measured by short human lifespans, WW2 or the Civil War especially were a long time ago, but I remember, as a kid reading war comics, being impressed by how WW2 had only ended so few years back. Europe was still rebuilding! Lots of modern folks have a perspective about as long as the last TV season, if that, but I think we ought to have the perspective that the Cold War, the World Wars, historically, they just happened. The dangers are not long ago and far away. They're still here and now.

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Subjects: WW2, US Civil War, US military, history, video

Okay, I know I posted two videos already. I'm not trying to compete with Pete. Really! This is (probably) it for today. And again, stop me if you've heard this one. :)

Reagan's Normandy speech. Again, h/t to that invaluable resource War News Update:

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Subjects: Ronald Reagan, WW2, Normandy, D-Day, history, US military

I’m a ways behind on my PoliNations. Probably Pete or Chrissy or someone already posted this? Anyway, feel free to delete this if it’s a repeat. Or watch it again. It’s worth it.

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Subjects: US military, history, Memorial Day

Only have a moment to dash off accumulated thoughts from the weekend's readings.

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Subjects: US Civil War, virtual reality

Kids, with modern LED monitors, there's no longer a danger of x-rays, so come right up to the screen. Clo-o-oser! There's not enough static electricity on LED monitors to hold your magic window, but fortunately the modern LED screen is made of a special substance that wipes clean easily with any ammonia-based window cleaner, even if you use permanent-ink markers. Go ahead! Try it!

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Subjects: Winky Dink, 1950s, interactive media
Radical Incline

A few more links recalling the events, and the consequences, of September 11, 2001.

Text added on 2011 Sep 15
Subjects: 2001-9-11, George W Bush, US military, terrorism, Islam
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Towers burning
Radical Incline

The Good News: Nothing Much Happened, Again.
The Bad News: It happened.

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Philip (artist's rendering)

A mighty man in the kingdom, winning souls wherever he went.

Text by Others added on 2011 Sep 12
Subjects: Apostle Philip, history, archeology
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I'd rather have a Sam Adams, myself, but to each his or her own. Freedom!

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Subjects: liberty, history

In Mr Smith Goes to Washington, the Congressional pages play a great role, right from the moment Jimmy Stewart's character enters the chamber.

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Subjects: US Congress, history, Jimmy Stewart

Amazing that the kids didn't miss that serious trouble had happened. (Why do so many adults think kids are unobservant or unaware?)

I also remember that night, standing under a beautiful Oklahoma just-past-full moon in a clear night sky, after watching all day the horrid news reports out of Oklahoma City, wondering how anyone else looking at this beautiful world could do such a thing.

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Subjects: 2001-9-11, Oklahoma City Bombing, violence

>...anyone else questioning recent history, before the internet...?

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Subjects: history, news, LaughingStock Media, Internet, freedom of information
Zapruder film frame
Radical Incline

We spend 50 years trying to understand, noting every historical coincidence, reading every conspiracy theory, examining every bullet like we'd been appointed to the Warren Commission…

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WTC Towers
Radical Incline

Regarding the 2001-Sep-11 hijackings and attacks on New York City, the Pentagon, and wherever Flight 93 was heading.

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A Usual Day
Come to think of it, who am I?
Cartoon added on 1997 Oct 6
Subjects: hallucination, 1970s
A Dying Breed
It was probably something he said.
Cartoon added on 1997 Oct 5
Subjects: sex roles, 1970s
Head Shop #4

A look back or maybe sidewise.

Cartoon added on 1997 Jul 11
Subjects: absurdity, farce, parody, alternative history
Cast out

Ballad regarding events which put the foundations of humanity out of whack

Verse added on 1996 Dec 14
Subjects: Urantia, Caligastia, origins, faith, betrayal, history, revelation
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What is this? My personal introduction, for those who don't know about the "fifth epochal revelation" to our world.

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