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Basic Form
Striving for simplicity.
Illustration added on 2012 Nov 14
Subjects: The Art of, stick figure
vid tn
The Art of

All-purpose doodle repair technique

Video added on 2012 Nov 1
Subjects: waterfall, The Art of, sketch, silliness
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Pete's icon
Radical Incline

Regarding Mindful's creating playlists of PoliNation's Pistol Pete's Pix

Text, Illustration added on 2012 Oct 31
Subjects: The Art of, YouTube
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Variations on a scene.
Illustration added on 2012 Sep 17
Subjects: landscape, abstract, tree, sunset, blowpen
Blowpen Pelican
A flight of fantasy.
Illustration added on 2012 Sep 13
Subjects: pelican, blowpen, abstract
Chair Back
"Mike saw a chair back." That's what the note said.
Illustration added on 2012 Sep 5
Subjects: The Art of, heart
Furious Artist (redux)
Now, what about craft and soul?
Illustration added on 2012 Aug 22
Subjects: webworker, The Art of, Charles Schultz
From Chelsea's Descriptions
She says they totally don't look like this.
Illustration added on 2012 Aug 19
Subjects: Invulnerable, extraterrestrial, The Art of
Bald Point
A demonstration of cartoon head shapes for a young, budding artist.
Cartoon added on 2012 Aug 16
Subjects: face, humor, cartooning
A peppy little hot-rod.
Cartoon added on 2012 Aug 8
Subjects: automobile, Chili's, clamshell art

[Pete posted Pink Elephants on Parade from Dumbo]

Read all… Subjects: added on 2012 Jun 20
Subjects: cartooning, hallucination, psychedelia

“..happen to know why Farscape DVDs are so expensive?”

Read all… Subjects: added on 2012 Jun 15
Subjects: The Art of, pop culture, market forces, Farscape

H&L: When did Trixie show up? Twenty seconds' net search was uninformative.

Read all… Subjects: added on 2012 Jun 6
Subjects: comic strips, The Art of, Hi and Lois

The coloring of A&J dailies is a challenge. The fourth-wall-breaking strip had Janis's eyes with white circles in panel 2 and all fleshy toned in panel 3. I think you should throw a ripe old artist's tantrum!

Read all… Subjects: added on 2012 Jun 4
Subjects: Arlo and Janis, comic strips, The Art of

Just from the artistic standpoint: I learned the hard difference between original work and franchise that month when I picked up Spider-Man and it wasn’t by Ditko! I was young and naive, and I might have recovered from that, but not the loss of Ditko on Dr Strange, too! And then Kirby left Marvel and my childhood ended.

Read all… Subjects: added on 2012 May 17
Subjects: Watchmen, comics, The Art of, Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby

This was one of those where I first looked at it and shrugged, Big Tornado v X-Men, okay. Then I get to the bottom caption.

Read all… Subjects: added on 2012 Apr 18
Subjects: comics, The Art of, X-Men, Red Tornado
Purple mountains majesty above the fruited plain with flag
Short & Tall Tales
Why? Because I had these two partial video recordings of me performing this song, so I stitched them together.
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Day late, didn't read all the comments (so if this was said already, enh!), but I gotta say it...

Read all… Subjects: added on 2012 Mar 19
Subjects: cartooning, clip art

Happy New Year to you, JJ. Thanks for all the great years bringing us our good friends A&J!!

Read all… Subjects: added on 2011 Dec 31
Subjects: The Art of, cartooning, New Year 2012

Merry Christmas. The Grinch - great choice. Greatly enjoying your work, and looking ahead to your "New Look" (says a fan old enough to remember Batman's "new look").

Read all… Subjects: added on 2011 Dec 23
Subjects: comics, The Art of, Christmas, Batman, Grinch

Hardly anything cries out for extended detailed examination as much as Bosch's weird universes!

Read all… Subjects: added on 2011 Oct 17
Subjects: Bosch, The Art of

220 Times Square Art c/o Weird Universe. Warning: nudity for art's sake. Just thought folks here might find this interesting. Don't know why.... (My slight payback for all the many fine links others have posted, such as this one posted recently by someone. [Video removed])

Note: Neither of the above is exactly SFW.
Read all… Subjects: added on 2011 Sep 7
Subjects: nudity, The Art of
The Art of

And see where they will lead!

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broken links

One of the first rules about the world of hypertext: YOU DON'T CHANGE THE LINKS!

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Also would add, be sure not to rub your eyes.

Read all… Subjects: added on 2011 Jul 26
Subjects: The Art of, humor, sticky situations

For all my art and photo work, I use a program so old I think it was designed for Win95!

Read all… Subjects: added on 2011 Jul 26
Subjects: The Art of, photography, graphics, animation, software

"...a big blank white space between lines of type?"

Read all… Subjects: added on 2011 Jul 15
Subjects: comics, The Art of, HTML, World Wide Web

Nice article at on the rise and fall of United Media.

Read all… Subjects: added on 2011 Jul 1
Subjects: United Media, The Art of, comic strips

Arlo and Janis is so intellectual and deep and stuff.

Read all… Subjects: added on 2011 Jun 30
Subjects: Arlo and Janis, The Art of, frogs

I was just sitting here itching to know

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Subjects: coffee, The Art of, humor