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Combine gay marriage with polygamy and the welfare state and you're absolutely fucked.

Wasn't easy but I think I FIFY.

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Subjects: marriage

First I heard of P Schlaffley was when my wife and I joined the local ERA ratification group. Heck, yeah; we edited the newsletter! Other than me, it was all women.

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Subjects: abortion, Equal Rights Amendment, liberty, license, marriage, Phyllis Schlaffley

" All factors being equal -- the health of the relationship, economic stability, etc., -- a hetero marriage is the superior environment for raising children."

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Holding Hands
Happy Valentine's Day!
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Bride who wears horns on head
Has husband's walnuts in her purse

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Subjects: marriage

Not mad. Frustrated. As in what part of married legally was I unclear about. If I was SHOUTING, it's'cause it's too much hassle to do bracket italics on this cell.

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Subjects: marriage, Oklahoma

That's not common law martiage. That's shacking up.

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Subjects: marriage

So legal in fact when our daughter God the same thing, after her HUSBAND ran off, she had to go to court to get divorced. I repeat, sheesh!

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Subjects: marriage

Today, the Mrs & I celebrated 33 years since we "held ourselves forth as married," the only "requirement" under Oklahoma common law. Besides the of-age, pair, and man-woman limits, I mean.

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Subjects: marriage, Oklahoma
[Mindful's video "Obama's Gay Marriage Flip-Flops" based on a poster by chrissythehyphenated at PoliNation was blogged by chrissy on PoliNation.]
Hey, looka that! Thanks. Your poster was inspiring! Since the “script” was done, I just got to play with the video editor. Animating the flip-flops was technically educational. I could do it better now.
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It's not easy to think it all through because of how one set of bad laws compounds another. Implementing true liberty gets complicated by socialist systems which even good right-wing folk support.

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Subjects: marriage, homosexuality, human right, Big Nanny
Radical Incline

Sure we believe in liberty except when we don't, says Ann Coulter.

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I don't have any sympathy for the spouses who know about the affairs and either don't care or don't do anything about it. for their own purposes

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Subjects: marriage, Anthony Weiner

Reading of Arnold's affair only further verified my already-bottomed-out opinion of der Gubernator

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lonely walker
Love's Lost and Found

Acknowledging behavioral stimuli

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Head Shop #5

Using material too close at hand

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Handcuffed wedding rings
Radical Incline

Does the State define marriage? Defending Common-Law marriage and marriage liberty, not marriage license

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Subjects: marriage, license, liberty, Big Nanny, human right, contract
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