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Evil bot
Radical Incline

They're smart. They're autonomous. They're armed!

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tree face
Best of Spirits

In order to imagine an alternative to your perception, you must admit to the possibility of perceptual confusion.

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Bootprint on the moon
Best of Spirits

Eras end. New ones begin. Space still beckons and humankind will answer the call.

Text, Video by Others added on 2011 Jul 10
Subjects: space exploration, NASA, astronauts, science, heroes
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Radical Incline

"Drewno sent signature items to the Obamas’ table: tuna tartare cones, squares of suckling pig, tandoori Arctic char. The first couple make a point of having those items added to the bill." We cannot by this presume that B Hussein or the Mrs actually partook of the suckling pig.

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The Art of

Lehrer, and similar subversive forces, were an early part of the undermining of society and the collapse of patriotism, family and morality in the 1960s.

Text, Video by Others added on 2011 Feb 5
Subjects: Tom Lehrer, humor, inspiration
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