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So, I did a search on ixquick, on a phrase from a comment, "Google working for the feds" - top o the results is an ad for Google e-mail ("and more").

Private, independent webs.?

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Subjects: Big Brother, irony

Ace, this is worse than the movie reviews! You just go on and on to where, no matter how expressive and well-paragraphed, it's just tl;dr! Plus, there were 'way too many videos embedded.

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Subjects: Ace of Spades, humor, irony

[Re this article, posted by

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The Art of

Like chickenOther realities manipulated 5 of 5

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Subjects: birds, vegetarian, irony, puffin
Eying you
Best of Spirits

What leads you to believe judgments?

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Subjects: judgment, righteousness, sanctimoniousness, irony
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End of the Road #28 of 37

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Subjects: accident, automobile, humor, irony