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Mindlessly passingby again. Which wiseacre put these watercress sandwiches on the buffet?

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Subjects: bomb, invasion, Japan, WW2

Folks, as long as I'm hanging around, may I use the book thread, just this once, to plug a couple of books I'm related to?

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Subjects: Chicago, Jack Clark, literature, WW2

"Not many of these guys left." After Mrs Ww and I watched the Chicago one (I won't re-post it; YouTube zSF0S50c9c0), we were noting the same thing, the all-too-rapidly dwindling numbers, all those wheelchairs & canes, and I recalled, when we were children, there were still a few Civil War vets alive.

Measured by short human lifespans, WW2 or the Civil War especially were a long time ago, but I remember, as a kid reading war comics, being impressed by how WW2 had only ended so few years back. Europe was still rebuilding! Lots of modern folks have a perspective about as long as the last TV season, if that, but I think we ought to have the perspective that the Cold War, the World Wars, historically, they just happened. The dangers are not long ago and far away. They're still here and now.

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Subjects: WW2, US Civil War, US military, history, video

Okay, I know I posted two videos already. I'm not trying to compete with Pete. Really! This is (probably) it for today. And again, stop me if you've heard this one. :)

Reagan's Normandy speech. Again, h/t to that invaluable resource War News Update:

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Subjects: Ronald Reagan, WW2, Normandy, D-Day, history, US military

I've watched this three times now, and I just can't keep from getting all teary. Why try?

Of all the horrors of war and national division during my high school and college years, over Viet Nam and the Draft and all, one of the most lingering, sickening memories was the abuse heaped on returning soldiers. It's hard to convey to my kids, it's so unbelievable. I wasn't clear about all the issues (in an era when our main source of information was Walter Cronkite), but I was always clear on this: It didn't matter what you thought about the war or politics or the draft, these returning men and women deserved congratulations, thanks, and to be given good jobs, and they got spit, derision, and ostracism.

That abominable history just makes scenes like this all the more sweet to watch, though.

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Subjects: US military, WW2, Viet Nam

Only have a moment to dash off accumulated thoughts from the weekend's readings.

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Subjects: US Civil War, virtual reality

But we don't need this primitive idea anymore. It's so last century. We have those giant long-wave weapons that can cause earthquakes and volcanoes anywhere on earth, doncha know.

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Subjects: warfare, weapons, Tesla

The toll upon both sides had we failed to act, or delayed, would have absolutely dwarfed the damage to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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Subjects: WW2, nuclear, atomic bomb, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Republicans and Democrats
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They're smart. They're autonomous. They're armed!

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Amazing that the kids didn't miss that serious trouble had happened. (Why do so many adults think kids are unobservant or unaware?)

charge forward
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Wait for the enemy to come to you or take the fight to the enemy?

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Years ago, in Chicago, we sometimes visited Toguri's, a Japanese import shop owned and operated by one of the so-called "Tokyo Roses."

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Subjects: Iva Ikuko Toguri D'Aquino, Tokyo Rose, WW2, Chicago, war, video
Rep Sullivan
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Sometimes you have have to hit them twice just to get their attention.

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Sabotage from the top.

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rifle target
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Osama bin Laden's death (presumed here to be fact) has resurrected the longstanding question whether America should have attempted instead to capture him alive. Contrasting the choice of taking him out over bringing him back for trial.

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Subjects: Osama bin Laden, justice, war
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The Mein Kampf burning by a Florida church, which sparked three days of deadly rioting in Germany, poses new dangers for the U.S.-led war effort against the Nazis, allied commander U.S. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower warned in an interview.

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You can't pronounce Suoicilacitenikeicnegnitnocsaesrevo!

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Kitten hanging on to rope
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Beating the drums for a different kind of war

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space invader
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Every time we say never again

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They keep putting my country down — the original 1980 lyrics
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Nagasaki mushroom cloud
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War-protest folksong from 1980. So much has changed since then!

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WTC Towers
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Regarding the 2001-Sep-11 hijackings and attacks on New York City, the Pentagon, and wherever Flight 93 was heading.

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Head Shop #2

Head Shop interviews a survivor-to-be.

Cartoon added on 1997 May 7
Subjects: surrealism, war
The Art of

From the safety of the castle

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