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Off to visit my mom today. Her baby brother is in town.

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Subjects: aging, family, webworker, WW2

This morning I am moved to ask for prayers, for the health of my dear little family in particular, and the health of Family in general. Family is the foundation of Creation.

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Subjects: family, health, Jesus, prayer

Two new PSA's with michelle obama coming out:
"Inhale, exhale," and "Don't eat poo poo."
Posted by: soothsayer
update: Dick. Toaster. Not.

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Subjects: health, Impeach Obama

"New trend of leaving the umbilical cord on babies for three to ten days" (Mail via Drudge)

What? It's all natural!

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Subjects: babies, health, parenting

15. The "Aqua Park" video title is misleading, as that's more of a "win" than a "fail". - Thrawn

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Subjects: aging

My dad's first car was a 71 Mustang Mach I Fastback. : BCochran1981

(Mindful grabs his walker and earhorn and crawls off to rocking chair.)

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Subjects: aging, Mustang (Ford)

HBD Sherry McEvil. I'd recommend my chiropractor on the 30th floor of that cylindrical tower at 21st & Denver, but nobody takes chiro recommendations.

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Subjects: chiropracty
Take a Walk
And be sure to stop and smell the roses.
Photo by Others, Remix added on 2013 Jun 28
Subjects: transport, future, family, health

We had our first at home. I caught my daughter. Midwife slept through it on our couch. Doctor arrived late.

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Subjects: health
Comics Trip

You're not getting older. You're just becoming fine art!

Cartoon added on 2013 Apr 4
Subjects: Turing test, comic strips, aging, self-awareness

My name is not Gaia. I don't even know any Gaia. I know a Luna, she and I hang out a lot. But no Gaia.

Have you met my chiropractor, Dr. Smod?

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Subjects: chiropracty, earth

" All factors being equal -- the health of the relationship, economic stability, etc., -- a hetero marriage is the superior environment for raising children."

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Subjects: CompuServe, health, marriage
Utter Exhaustion
Sometimes the weariness takes over.
Illustration added on 2012 Nov 5
Subjects: portrait, hardship, woman, aging
The Irredeemable Doodle
Her ancestors were royalty.
Illustration added on 2012 Oct 29
Subjects: face, portrait, aging

PoliNation's Pistol Pete's Pix Playlist 2012 Oct 18
15 videos, 20:38

Just watched the playlist and... wow! I've got to show that last video to my 92yo mom. She may not have a Packard, but she still drives. (Like a teenager, but she always has.) Thanks for that one, Pete!

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Subjects: video, politics, aging